By MaryGrace Naughton, Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Aerial yoga is a form of yoga that helps improve overall health and physical agility, lengthens muscles and releases tension throughout your entire body. The practice involves stretching; strengthening; and realigning using the support of silk hammocks suspended three feet from the ground. One of the greatest benefits of aerial yoga is that it allows you to stretch and strengthen without overstressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae.

Aerial yoga can definitely appear intimidating to anyone with no experience, however with proper instruction and practice it gets simpler and easier to understand. Like regular yoga, half of the battle is learning the different poses and movements. Once those are fully understood it then becomes about perfecting movements and increasing our agility.

This form of yoga is so much fun, and can make a surprising change to your routine. You get to go upside down! Once a person gets past any fear he or she might have in regards to flipping themselves around or inverting themselves, he/she discovers how fun it is to move the body through positions it often hasn’t experienced since childhood.
It is very different from other forms of yoga and most forms of exercise as you’re not standing, sitting or kneeling on the ground. Instead you’re suspended in the air. Because the entire concept and spatial orientation is so different I think people forget they’re actually working out. They tend to treat it more like a new game or activity, making the time go by much faster and eliminating feelings of monotony or dread, which quickly become associated with exercise.

Join us during your next Miraval for one of our group classes or book a private session to really learn and understand more about this unique form of yoga.

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  1. Aerial Yoga Says:
    I'm so glad that aerial yoga is becoming more and more widespread. When resorts offer unique classes like this it gives visitors the opportunity to experience something totally new and engaging, not to mention healthy & relaxing! Plus it gives the aerial yoga fanatics like me a chance to practice their art while away from home. :)

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