miraval guest room entrance

Guest Services and Transportation Positions

Guest Relations Agent - Full Time

Job Responsibilities:

  • responsible for creating and maintaining a positive guest experience from arrival to departure
  • in front of our guests 100% of the time to assist with arrivals, departures, and all concierge needs
  • exceptional communication skills are required including verbal, written and electronic interactions

Job Requirements:

  • must be able to speak, read, write and communicate clearly in English
  • must be able to work independently and use good judgment
  • must have good math skills and understand basic principles of accounting
  • must be able to handle multiple tasks and know how to prioritize
  • will have at least 2 years of experience catering to high-end clientele
  • possess exceptional customer service and computer skills.
  • will be sitting 50% of the time, standing and walking 50% of the time, using the computer and typing 80% of the time
  • lifting, reaching, bending, stooping, pushing and pulling as needed
  • must be able to work a flexible schedule of days, evenings and weekends.



Job Responsibilities

  • will possess a true desire to satisfy the needs of others
  • will understand the importance of customer service in a fast-paced environment
  • will provide transportation and bell services for resort guests
  • follow all laws issued by local, state and federal governments for the safety of human lives using shuttle busses and passenger vans.

Job Requirements

  • CDL with passenger endorsement preferred
  • clean driving record
  • 3 yearscommercialdrivingexperiencepreferred
  • mustbeabletoliftmoderate to heavy amountsofweight;upto70-80pounds
  • mustbeabletobeonyourfeet and walking, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, carrying andtwistingupto90%oftheday.
  • will be using steps on different levels while delivering guest luggage and resort deliveries
  • majorityofthedaywillbespentinteractingwithguestsandtransportingguestitemstoandfromresortrooms.