miraval guest room entrance

Guest Services and Transportation Positions

Night Auditor - Full Time

Job Responsibilities

  • reviewing, balancing, and correcting as needed, work produced by Front Office,Reservations and applicable Food & Beverage outlets
  • Update work on applicable systems, balance and submit credit card transactions to bank
  • run function of guest folio room rate charges, sales tax and applicable recording revenue
  • Production of journal entries and the subsequent input in Data General system
  • Production and distribution of reports,Revenue, Advance Deposit, Guest Ledgers, Etc.
  • Communicate errors on areas of concern to Income Auditor.

Job Requirements

  • High School diploma; one to two years in Front Office Operations or Night Audit Experience is preferred
  • knowledge of electronic spreadsheet applications, i.e., Excel, and 10-key use is a must
  • To perform this job successfully, an individual must possess the ability to read, analyze and interpret technical procedures.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from guests and internal departments.
  • This position will also act as guest services to late arriving and early departing guests.
  • Must be able to make critical decisions as needed and work independently with little supervision.
  • Exceptional communication and attention to detail is critical in this position.


 Driver - Part Time

Job Summary

TheDriver positionwillprovidetransportationandbellservicesforresortguestsfollowingalllawsthatareissuedbylocal,stateandfederalgovernmentsforthesafetyofhumanlivesusingshuttlebussesandpassengervans.

Job Requirements

  • candidate will possessatruedesiretosatisfytheneedsofothersandunderstandtheimportanceofcustomerserviceinafastpacedenvironment.
  • CDLwithpassengerendorsementpreferredandcleandrivingrecordrequired.
  • Three (3)yearscommercialdrivingexperiencepreferred.
  • Mustbeabletoliftmoderate to heavy amountsofweight;upto70-80pounds.
  • Mustbeabletobeonyourfeet and walking, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, carrying andtwistingupto90%oftheday.
  • Will be using steps on different levels while delivering guest luggage and resort deliveries.
  • Majorityofthedaywillbespentinteractingwithguestsandtransportingguestitemstoandfromresortrooms