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Human Resources Positions

Human Resources Manager - Full Time/Salaried

Job Summary

  • Partner with the Human Resources Director to deploy Talent Based Organization (TBO) initiatives, processes and policies.
  • Must have Qualifications:
  • Exudes positivity, confidence and a passion for selecting, training and developing others.
  • Juggles competing priorities with ease, positivity and high energy. Enjoys finding solutions to challenges.
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university.

Essential duties:
1.Champion a Talent Based Organization (TBO) approach to selection which emphasizes hiring for natural behaviors and training for skills and knowledge.
2.Ensure consistent utilization of the KSL Talent/Recruiting Pipeline process and deploy effective recruitment, selection and hiring processes to ensure positions are filled with individuals who are talented and fit the role.
3.Maintain property Talent Bench, regularly vetting and staying in contact with candidates.
4.Create ‘Guests for Life’, directly and indirectly, by consistently incorporating the 4 Keys to Guests for Life mission, principles and training into the culture and daily operations.
5.Assist leaders in teaching and measuring job specific standards of excellence (pocket guides).
6.Assist leaders with identifying their associates’ top strengths, regularly aligning work situations to capitalize on those abilities and facilitating the associates’ continuous learning and skill acquisition.
7.Utilize Talent Assessment charts and help execute Action Plans for each associate group.
8.Improve retention of top talent by consistently incorporating the Retain Top Talent presentation and 7 Habits of High Retention Managers into the culture and daily operations.
9.Deploy effective recognition and reward programs for top performers.