miraval desert tightrope

Program Positions

Outdoor Adventure Guide - Part Time

The Outdoor Adventure Guide must have general knowledge of Challenge Course High and Low Ropes Elements. Able to lift up to 35 lbs; ability to carry and climb ladders of 10-12 ft and transition to climb poles upwards of 50 ft and be comfortable traversing cables of 35-50 ft in height and length.

Job Requirements:

  • must be able to walk, stand, and belay for extended periods and do so on average 4-6 hours/day several days per week.
  • must be technically proficient with ropes, helmets, harnesses, hardware, and several belay techniques
  • general knowledge of Santa Catalina trails, Sonoran Desert wildlife and vegetation.
  • capable of riding 2-4 hr technical mountain bike ride (3-15 miles) followed by a 2-3 hr hike (3-5miles).
  • must be able to hike 7-12 miles, with 1000+ elevation gain, at a 2-3 mile an hour pace.

Job Requirements:

  • 5 Plus years of Outdoor Adventure Facilitation/Guiding Experience
  • 2 yrs Rock Climbing Facilitation/Guiding Experience Preferred
  • Wilderness First Responder Cert., CPR Cert.
  • Technical Rock Climbing Cert. (AMGA and/or PCIA) preferred.