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Reservation Positions

Reservations Agent - Full Time

We currently see a talented and self-motivated individual to join our team as a Miraval Advisor (Reservations Agent).The Advisor sets the tone for our guests before they even arrive through our main gate, as they are typically their first point of contact at Miraval.

From guests who are coming just for a relaxing vacation, to guests who have a focused purpose or intention to their stay, Miraval Advisors must make an immediate connection and provide the absolute highest level of personalized customer service and responsiveness.The sole purpose of this role is to create and maintain a supremely positive experience for each and every guest who contacts Miraval to request information or make arrangements to stay.

Job Responsibilities:

  • must be fully versed in and experienced with the principles of effective selling
  • must be able to describe our offerings in an enticing, accurate and descriptive manner
  • will process guest bookings for room accommodations, spa appointments and one-on-one consultations, as well as handle other diverse and sometimes complicated special arrangements via email and on the phone
  • will cultivate a positive rapport with guests who call to inquire about Miraval’s services and activities
  • must possess the skill of identifying sales opportunities through gaining insight into each guests’ specific intention for their visit to Miraval
  • will consult with callers to design a comprehensive package exclusively for them.

Job Requirements

  •  will be expected to generate a high volume of revenue
  • MUST BE AN ASSUMPTIVE CLOSER, with an intuitive ability to make suggestions and direct the conversation at all times.
  • must be able to effectively tailor the value of Miraval’s offerings to meet the specific wants, interests, and needs of each caller and to effectively reinforce for them that a Miraval getaway is the right fit for them.


Miraval Experience Planner - Full Time

Job Summary

The Miraval Reservations Advisor sets the tone for our guests before they even drive through the gate; they are often their first point of contact at Miraval. Concierge experience (1-3 yrs) is essential to provide our guests with a memorable experience while staying at Miraval. From guests who are coming for a vacation to guests who have a purpose and intention to their stay, the Miraval Advisors must make a connection and provide the guest with quality services and experiences and respond to all guest requests promptly to ensure a positive guest stay.

Job Responsibilities

  • must understand the basic principles of selling, processing guest requests for spa appointments, one on ones, special requests, and telephone customer service.
  • Must be familiar with the operation of property management software, e-mail, routine database activity, graphics, and Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Windows.
  • must know how to operate printers and other front office equipment.
  • Must be able to prioritize tasks and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Nights and weekends required