Miraval Monsoons

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An Experience You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Tucson’s awe-inspiring monsoons bring a sense of renewal and a bounty of healing energy to our guests. Tranquility unfolds around the Santa Catalina Mountains as natural aromatics are released from the mesquite trees, swathing the desert in glistening new light.

Explore a curated list of signature activities, spa services and vantage points that are made even more spectacular this time of year. See for yourself the transformation that monsoons bring, while experiencing your own. Monsoon season is predicted to last August - September.

Transform your being with

Miraval Specialists

As the Sonoran Desert experiences a physical transformation after a monsoon, new growth and floral blooms; a similar, spiritual transformation unfolds for guests after meeting our wellness specialists.

Our specialists help you find what you seek and come to a deeper understanding of your life's purpose.

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Floating Meditation

Experience the benefits of induced meditation while you gently rock to the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls and rolling thunder.

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"The rain was quite amazing, I have never experienced the monsoon and just added another dimension of wonder to the incredible experience at Miraval. "

Guest from New York, NY

Renewing Miraval

Monsoon Experiences

Quiet Room

Life in Balance Spa

One of the best views of the Santa Catalina Mountains is from the Life in Balance Spa's Quiet Room. A perfect spot to cozy up in a spa robe, sip a cup of tea and watch the monsoons roll in.

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Outdoor Body Renewal Treatment


Getting caught in the rain is a refreshing and renewing experience at Miraval, especially when combined with one of our exclusive outdoor New Life Village spa services.

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Stretch & Relax

The panoramic windows of our Body Mindfulness Center provide the perfect backdrop during a Miraval Monsoon. Enjoy the mystic view of clouds seeping over the mountains as you take part in one of our many energizing fitness classes.

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Healthy Living

Living as a Higher Vibration and Connecting Through Nature

Intuitive guide and spiritual healer, Kristin Reece, explains how individuals embody different vibrational levels, and how those vibrations effect your health and wellness. Kristin will lead you on a meditation journey to help develop higher self-awareness and recharge your energy field. Discover insights that allow you to look inward, achieve a higher vibration and create personal harmony in your everyday life.

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