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Meet Phyllis Sommer 

Miraval Gives Back Recipient 

phyllis sommer

Read the nomination Phyllis' friend Julie Hart submitted:

Phyllis and her husband are rabbis who have 4 young children. 18 months ago, their second oldest child, Sam, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7. He underwent aggressive treatment and finally went into remission. Sadly, the remission was short-lived and Sam underwent more treatment in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. Early signs after the BMT looked promising but Sam again relapsed a couple of months later, at which point the Sommers were told there was nothing else they could do for Sam. Sam tragically died in December 2013.

My reason for nominating Phyllis is not simply because she's lived her own personal hell for almost 2 years, although that would have been enough. Despite her all-consuming responsibilities to Sam and the rest of her family throughout Sam's illness, she continued to support others, including me, and also chronicled her family's personal and painful journey through her blog in a very beautiful, real and often raw way. It's such a tribute to Phyllis that in the midst of every parent's worst nightmare, she was still reaching out to comfort and support others as she'd always done.

I don't know of anyone who is more deserving of the quiet, self-affirming, rejuvenating Miraval experience than Phyllis, nor anyone who would be more appreciative of this gift.

I'm so honored to have been chosen by Miraval for the program. I'm very excited and nervous for this experience. It's been a long time since I've spent time like this on my own, and I wonder what it will feel like to devote this much time to my own well-being!? I'm sure that I will have an amazing time! — Phyllis Sommer

phyllis sommer
phyllis sommer
phyllis sommer
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After we selected Phyllis as our first Miraval Gives Back recipient, we found out about the incredible work she has done to help raise money for children's cancer research. 


Phyllis Sommer's Miraval Stay

Knowing Phyllis' unique story, Miraval's team of wellness specialists designed an itinerary for her stay to give her the most memorable and transformative experience. We hope the itinerary below inspires you to create an itinerary that is uniquely yours on your next visit to Miraval.


Day 1

Arrival to the Resort

Lunch (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

4-4:45p — Breathwork (Agave Center)
In this class we work with our breath to strengthen the energetic systems of the body/mind. read more

5-5:45p Yoga Flow (Agave Center)
This dynamic class links breath and movement, stillness and transition, repetition and progression, to offer a practice for yoga enthusiasts, or a fit beginner. read more

Dinner (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

8-9p — Calming Hot Stone Massage (Life in Balance Spa)
Heat from the smooth basalt stones comforts and calms the mind as it renders muscles more limber and open to manipulation by the therapist. read more

Day 2

Breakfast (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

7:30-9:30a — Swing and a Prayer (Meet in Palm Court)
Swing and a Prayer is centered on the act of letting go and celebrating life. It is a fun event, reminiscent of being a child on the swing set. read more

10-11a — Meet Artist In Residence- Mike Elsass (In Palm Courtyard)
Be a part of the action! Join Mike to see how he creates his paintings, ask questions and interact with the artist. read more

Lunch (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

2-2:45p — Aerial Yoga (Agave Center)
You will stretch, strengthen and realign using the support of silk hammocks suspended three feet from the ground. read more

3-3:50p — Private Mindful Living (Meet in Lobby)
In this consultation we will work with you on the formal techniques of Mindful Meditation. read more

4:30-5:50p — Miraval Signature Facial (Life in Balance Spa)
Powered by botanicals, this facial is tailored to your skin’s needs. read more

6:30-7:30p — Calm the Mind, Open the Heart (Activity Rooms)
Join Pam Lancaster to play and be awakened to the ancient art of Sound and Vibrational Healing. read more

Dinner (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

miraval spa

Day 3

Breakfast (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

8-8:45a — I Chi Flow (Yucca Cabana Pool)
Similar to our land Chi Gong class, except this time, you'll be in the water. read more

Lunch (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

12-12:50p — Aqua Zen (Meet at Yucca Cabana)
Feel stress and strain melt away in the nurturing arms of your Watsu®-trained therapist. read more

1-1:50p — Private Floating Meditation (Agave Center)
Enjoy the pleasure of being suspended from the ceiling in a nurturing yoga hammock while your mind is gently guided into a relaxed state. read more

2-4:30p — Capture Your Miraval Journey (Meet in Lobby)
In this session you will work with renowned photographer Marion Kaufer, to reconnect with your inner beauty. read more

5-5:50p — Private Grief, Loss, and Letting Go (Meet in Lobby)
Learn how to create a relationship to loss and letting go that is practical and facilitates healing. read more

6-7:40p — Nurture (Life in Balance Spa)
Nurture your mind and body with our most complete body renewal ritual. read more

Dinner (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

miraval water feature

Day 4

Breakfast (Cactus Flower Restaurant)

7-9a — Outback Hike (Meet in Palm Court)
Start each day with a hike designed for all levels of ability. read more

Checkout of room and departure from Miraval