equine experience at miraval resort


Discover a new version of yourself at the Purple Sage Ranch.

An Unforgettable Canvas

In this all new experience, you will tap into your creative spirit by using the side of a horse (that’s right, a horse!) as your canvas to paint. While horses have been the subject of art for thousands of years, Native Americans were some of the first people to create art with their horses and expressed themselves on the canvas of the horse. Today we will be doing the same. You will choose a horse and have the opportunity to tell your story in symbols on the horse’s side. We use a living, breathing canvas to remind us to stay present and grounded in our story telling. Horses are ever present beings. They live in the here and now. Your stories may contain pieces of your past and hopes for your future but let the horses serve as a reminder that nothing is as sweet as the present. Please wear sturdy closed toed shoes, bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and note that this can be a messy experience with paint and water.

NOTE: All paint is non-toxic and safe for humans and horses! This activity is offered seasonally.


$75 / 2 Hrs

Closed-toed shoes are required.

Common Ground: Understanding Barriers To Connection

With guidance from a facilitator, you will have the opportunity to identify personal blocks to communication, both physical and emotional, and develop new paths to self-recognition and healthy relationships. A shared challenge in our relationships as human beings is the balance of nurturing growth, while maintaining our own personal boundaries and limitations. In this activity you will move a horse around the pen without touching or speaking.

$45 / 2 Hrs.

*Periodically offered.

Its Not About the Horse

Join Wyatt as you participate in what could be the most important journey you’ve ever chosen. It is in fact a journey that will take you inside yourself. The horse provides assistance as an energetic mirror so that you may identify patterns of learned behavior that either enhance or detract from the quality of life that you experience from one moment to the next. We generally discover that two culprits stand between merely surviving life versus experiencing the “joy of living.” You were not born with these two deterrents known as fear and self-doubt. They are learned and can be unlearned. No thought pattern in your head is a life sentence. You will be given the opportunity in a safe and supportive group setting to work through what is blocking your progress toward the way of being in the world that you have longed for and dreamed of. Acclaimed equine facilitator Wyatt Webb will guide your participation in this group and you will leave truly knowing it is not about the horse…it’s about you.

* This workshop is limited to 11 participants. Reserve your spot early! Wear closed toed sturdy shoes and sunscreen. Hat optional. Don’t forget your Miraval water bottle!

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$150 / 2.5 Hrs.

Group Trail Ride

Enjoy a special walk-only desert ride that combines a brief instruction with a serene experience meant to balance the body, mind and spirit. Wear long pants, hats, closed-toed, sturdy shoes and sunscreen. We recommend taking a private arena lesson prior to the trail ride. You will need to provide your height, weight, and style preference (English or Western) at time of booking. 

$105 / 100 Min

Miraval Equine Experience

This class offers you an opportunity to practice living life in the moment. Work with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators. You’ll perform equestrian ground skills, getting a chance to notice personal patterns of learned behavior that may be holding you back from the life you want to live.

* Wear closed toed sturdy shoes and sunscreen. Hat optional. Don’t forget your Miraval water bottle!

$45 / 2.5 Hrs.