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Intuitive Living: Discover Three Principles That Will Change Your Life

Everyone is born with intuition. This incredible gift allows you to process information at the speed of light, with clarity and inner peace. When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you create a life that is more authentic and respectful of your true identity. You simply create more meaning and joy in your life.

Join Tejpal for this eye-opening experience. A Professional Certified Coach and Brennan Healing Practitioner, Tejpal has over 20 years of experience coaching executives to express and act intentionally in a business context. In 1996, Tejpal experienced the benefits of Brennan Healing Science and has since then shifted her energy toward healing, spirituality and vibrant health. She has had a consistent healing practice since 2001. Today Tejpal gives weekly lectures and workshops in the field of spirituality as well as soul guidance sessions and is certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.