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Maximize the Power of Your Chakras

Although we often rely on our minds to figure out options and solutions when we want to create change in our lives, it takes more than an agile mind to manifest change. To create the life you truly desire, you need to tap into the many dimensions of your being. When you systematically engage your physical, emotional, heart and spiritual dimensions you open up a horizon of true possibilities that will enhance your day-to-day life.

One of the very successful ways to create lasting changes is to work with your energy field. Join intuitive healers Tejpal and Carrol McLaughlin and learn how to work with a key dimension of the human energy field, the chakra system. You will look at your patterns and become able to assess clearly what boosts your energy and what blocks you. When you eliminate blockages and see yourself with new clarity, you will be able to successfully make shifts in many parts of your life.You will be able overcome your old “stories” and patterns, and create exciting new opportunities for change that will bring more joy and meaning into your life.

Explore all 7 chakras during this 3 hour workshop and leave with new tools to manifest your own life in balance.

$175 / 3 Hrs.

*Periodically offered.