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Integrative Wellness

We are committed to helping you live and feel better. in mind, body, and spirit.

Age? Nonsense! Learn What Stands Between You and Youthful Vitality

Sheryl Brooks R.N. will discuss current health information and recommendations to help you discover the power of your daily lifestyle choices as you understand and respond to your body's challenges and changes as you age. You will leave with an understanding of what you can do to reach and maintain your full health and wellness potential. The time is now to make lasting changes and be the best possible version of you, today and going forward.

$115 / 1.5 Hrs. • RC

Are You Sleeping? Presented by Sheryl Brooks, R.N.

Hopefully you’ve learned how to create and maintain great eating and exercise plans, but did you know you can also create a plan for better sleep? Research has revealed that sleep, is one of the basic building blocks of good health. Although we live in a society where trading sleep time for getting more things done in a day is often the norm, the truth is that our brains and bodies require adequate amounts of good quality sleep to stay healthy. Sleep deprivation has negative affects on aging, immune system function, metabolism, reaction time, memory, blood pressure, and much more. As a group learn what’s happening to your body and brain while you sleep. Learn what you are doing each day and night that is contributing to keeping you awake and create a plan to work with, not against your body and brain’s ability to get a better night’s sleep.

Seen in the New York Times 2014

$75 / 90 Min. • RC

Breathwalking for Wellness

This class is led by Miraval’s Integrative Wellness Nurse, Sheryl Brooks. Discover how to synchronize specific patterns of breathing with the pace of your walking steps throughout your day. With directed, meditative attention you will learn to create a more relaxed, mindful state of being. This is a practice for whole body health that you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Build a Better Brain

When you think about vital aging, a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise probably comes to mind; but, brain health is just as important. As humans continue to live longer, researchers are discovering how our actions (or lack thereof) effect the brain’s ability to function as we get older. You may be wondering how you can make sure your mind remains just as strong as your body as you age. Join Sheryl Brooks R.N. to learn how to optimize brain function in your daily life to prevent or slow down cognitive decline and to improve your brain’s ability to keep you mentally fit and vital.

$75 / 90 Min.

Digital Detox: Creating Healthy Relationships with our Digital Life

Are you managing your devices? Or, are they managing you? Join Anne Parker for a look at what our digital life is doing to our brains and bodies. Learn about steps you can take to shift your relationships with your devices so that you become more productive and mindful, supporting your health and happiness.

Grief, Loss, and Letting Go

Loss is a natural and inevitable part of life. But experiences of loss and the complex emotional responses to loss can be some of the most difficult in our lives. In this class, we will explore the transformative nature of loss, the multifaceted process of grief, ways to support ourselves in the grief process, and what letting go really means. Learn how to create a relationship to loss and letting go that is practical and facilitates healing.

Let's Talk About Sex (For Women Only)

A healthy and satisfying sex life is an important piece of your healthy lifestyle - and it's still possible even though you're not in your twenties anymore! Menopause symptoms, health issues, and changing body image may have caused you to avoid or neglect this part of your life. Join our comfortable, group conversation, led by Sheryl Brooks, RN., to learn about your questions and concerns regarding changing sexuality and intimacy in midlife. You'll leave the conversation with tips and information to keep it going or maybe even make it better than ever before!

Menopause: What You Need to Know

Do you have questions about what exactly is happening in this natural, midlife transition? If you have heard or read conflicting information about symptoms of menopause and how to respond to them, please join Sheryl Brooks, RN, NCMP, our Menopause Practitioner to learn about and discuss, as a group, the facts and myths of Menopause. You will leave this workshop with current information about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy, alternative/complementary remedies, and lifestyle modifications to help you feel in control, comfortable and healthy during your midlife transition.

$75 / 1.5 Hrs. • RC

Mindful Relationships

Relationships give us some of the most wonderful and the most painful experiences in our lives. During the inevitable ups and the downs, presence is the greatest gift we can give to those we care about. Learn how mindfulness can bring richness to how we relate to the people we love - improving communication, deepening connections, shifting expectations, and developing more satisfaction in and with each other.

Sharing the Journey: Our Midlife Transition (For Women Only)

Join Sheryl Brooks, R.N., for an open conversation about the emotional and spiritual journey many women face in midlife. Sheryl will facilitate a discussion meant to bring acknowledgement, understanding, and comfort to you during this midlife transition and help you discover your most meaningful and authentic self. Share with and learn from others who are also on the journey and tap into the intrinsic coping tools that are built into us as women. Note: We will not be discussing the physical symptoms relating to menopause in this class. Please schedule a private session to explore this topic.

The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a different kind of “smart” than intellectual or cognitive Intelligence (IQ). EQ is also a more accurate predictor of success in both personal and professional life. Join Anne Parker to discover the power of EQ to help you be more resilient, manage stress more effectively, increase self-awareness and impulse control, as well as develop more empathy and interpersonal awareness. In addition to learning about EQ and how important it is in living a healthy life, you will learn to use simple biofeedback technology (via iOS device, hand held device, and/or computer-based software) that will assist you in accessing the power of your emotional intelligence on demand.

$115 / 90 Min. • RC

The How of Change

How long does it really take to change a habit or make a new pattern stick? Join Anne Parker to discover what it actually takes to get rid of habits that are negatively affecting your life and create new patterns in their place. Drawing from current neuroscience and techniques of mindfulness, learn the specific steps required to support yourself in creating successful and satisfying change, behaviorally, mentally, emotionally or in your relationships.

*Periodically offered.

Transforming Awareness: Using the Right Side of the Brain to Discover New Worlds Within Your Self

In this dynamic workshop, we use the power of art and writing to increase awareness and appreciation of ourselves. Through simple art techniques that tap into parts of the brain and consciousness that are not available through talking alone, art therapist Rebecca Wilkinson helps you access and explore who you are in new and magical ways. You will experience a transformation in your perception of yourself and see yourself and others in a new light. You will feel a deeper sense of acceptance and appreciation for yourself and walk away with tools to live more authentically and mindfully in the world. Absolutely no artistic experience or skill is necessary. Rebecca will help you feel at ease with art so that you can harness this powerful medium to bring awareness and change to your life.

 *Periodically Offered

What Is Balance and How Do I Get It?

“Having balance” or “being more balanced” is often stated as a goal for supporting health and wellness. But, what does balance look like and feel like? How do we know when we are “in balance”? What are the elements required to create and maintain balance? Join Anne Parker, Wellness Counselor, for this fun and informative class that will challenge our ideas about what balance really is as well as identify steps we can take to make balance a fundamental part of our lives.

*Periodically offered.