challenge course at miraval

Outdoor Adventure and Challenge

Step out of your comfort zone on our challenge course or enjoy the beauty of the Sonoran desert during a morning hike or mountain bike ride.

Desert Sky Zipline

The Desert Sky Zipline Experience is centered on the act of letting go and celebrating life. It is a fun event, reminiscent of being a child on the swing set. It can also matter in a deeper way as the conversation shifts to ideas of letting go of the past and moving forward into new beginnings of healthier ways of living. Yet standing on the platform with other people complicates the activity in a way that is similar to how we experience compromise in other life relationships. Communication, trust and commitment are usually intimately integrated into the discussion. The Desert Sky Zipline Experience is a great event for teambuilding and strengthening relationships. Celebrate the freedom of letting go of fear and stepping toward new beginnings as you soar from a height of 45 feet above the desert floor.

* Wear closed toed sturdy shoes, preferably sneakers. You will be harnessed during this challenge, so carefully consider your choice of pants, comfortable Yoga pants or longer shorts are desirable rather than heavier options like jeans. Don’t forget your Miraval water bottle!

$150 / 2 Hrs. 

There is a 280lb weight limit for all Challenge offerings