tennis with leigh weinraub at miraval


The most energetic and enjoyable tennis experience of your life.

Just Play

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. When was the last time you just laughed, played and frolicked like a child? Join Coach Leigh on the tennis courts and be prepared to let loose, tap into your youthfulness and exist in the here and now! All levels welcome.

*This experience is periodically offered.

$45 / 45 Min • RC

Rock 'N' Roll Tennis

Sometimes you just have to cut loose and have a little fun! Join Coach Leigh for some high energy, invigorating late afternoon tennis where drills are fast paced, playful, and set to upbeat music you'll love. There's nothing sweeter than finding that mind-body-soul-spirit sensation of being so thoroughly engaged that time flies. You'll leave the court with your blood flowing and a song on your lips as the waning desert sun falls behind the mountains. * Available Seasonally. Limited to 6 participants.

$45 / 45 Min • RC

*Periodically offered.


You've probably heard the adage "sports are a mirror of life." Playing tennis requires problem solving skills, learning from mistakes, increased positive self-talk, and focused commitment. Self-discovery on the court can help self-actualization in life. Are you impatient or overly emotional? Do you give up easily? Come out for a healthy endorphin pumping workout while looking in the mirror on the court. Join Coach Leigh and hit your way to happiness and learn what the racquet and ball are really telling you. All levels welcome.

$45 / 45 Min • RC

Zen-nis Tennis

Are you looking for an experience in which you can be thoroughly engaged and have fun while quieting your mind and finding that magical feeling of flow? Hit the tennis courts and feel rhythm while striking the ball to soothing tunes. This clinic will include ball-feeding drills and hitting while emphasizing self awareness, tuning out distractions, finding a groove, trusting your body, discovering the power of muscle memory and reaching the state of being "consciously unconscious." This clinic is about the journey inward as an athlete. Come as you are; all levels encouraged.

$45 / 45 Min • RC