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Recommendations for Circle

As a Circle, you look for ways to manage stress and embrace transition.

When you are experiencing a major life transition, you need support, rest and nourishment in order to gain a new perspective and the skills to build the “new normal." With guidance from our nurturing staff, you will deepen your understanding and acceptance of the natural processes of transition and begin to restore your connection to vitality and fulfillment.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Stay? 

Based on your results of the MyMiraval Experience Planner, our team of experts has compiled the recommendations below for those who are identified as a "circle." We invite you to view this list as only a starting point for planning your unforgettable Miraval experience. Our pre-booking team is looking forward to assisting you!

You can call 800.232.3969 or email us to begin planning your stay.

Our trip to Miraval which was all about healing and living in the present, not the past. Miraval offers something for everyone.

- Jeanie J., Morrison, CO