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Recommendations for Pentagon

As a pentagon, you focus on healthy living in mind, body, and spirit.

Are you searching for the right nutrition and exercise plan that really works with your lifestyle? Miraval is your answer to healthy living that is realistic and maintainable. Our mindful and integrative approach to wellness includes up-to-date information about nutrition and exercise physiology while also recognizing the importance of overall health issues, emotional patterns, and lifestyle habits to create a personalized effective strategy for success.

Are You Ready To Plan Your Stay?

Based on your results of the MyMiraval Experience Planner, our team of experts has compiled the recommendations below for those who are identified as a "pentagon." We invite you to view this list as only a starting point for planning your unforgettable Miraval experience. Our pre-booking team is looking forward to assisting you!

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This is the only vacation I've ever been on where I actually lost weight!

- Miraval Guest, TripAdvisor Review