body mindfulness center


Meet with a personal trainer or posture specialist in our newly renovated state-of-the-art Body Mindfulness Center while you're here and take home tools to help you continue healthy living.

Optimal Posture Assessment

In this private session, pinpoint your postural imbalances through a movement assessment. Your postural imbalances (muscle tightness, weakness, joint of range of motion) lead to postural mis-alignments such as forward head, rounded shoulders, and tilted pelvis. Together with a posture specialist, you will take home a series of corrective exercises (strength, flexibility, improved range of motion) to begin your journey towards Optimal Posture.”

$ 115 / 50 Min 

Bone Health Strength Training

Whether you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, or simply have a family history this 1-on-1 session is designed to teach you how to load your skeleton in ways that will optimize your bone density. A personalized strength and flexibility program with detailed instructions will be created for you and a copy emailed so you can continue to stimulate new bone growth at home.

$115 / 50 Min 

Extreme Core Blast

The days of traditional strength training are numbered and Miraval is once again on the cutting-edge of wellness with the introduction of this all new fitness experience. Using your body weight and a small rolling platform, you will become reacquainted with muscles that have been lying dormant. You will build strength in this challenging total body workout.

$115 / 45 Min

Fitness Program Design

Meet with one of our trainers to design a workout individualized to meet your personal goals. The session will include taking you through several different types of exercises in order to create an exercise routine which meets your functional needs. A copy of your routine will be emailed to you, so you can implement what you learned at home.

$115 / 50 Min 

Personal Training

Meet with a personal trainer and continue your fitness regimen while at Miraval. This consult is meant for guests who are working with a trainer at home.

$115 / 50 Min 

Swim Lesson

Swim lessons are available for beginner to advanced level swimmers to overcome fear of the water, learn basic skills or improve skill and technique. Our swim instructor can work with you on basic swim techniques to advanced stroke refinement. Improve timing, technique, and breathing to achieve more ease, efficiency, power and endurance in the water.  

$115 / 50 Min 

TRX Suspension Training

Learn to utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer and make your body your machine. Suspension training harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you train. This private session will teach you how to safely utilize the TRX in your own training program. Great for beginners!

$115 / 50 Min