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Change your game forever with these on-course coaching sessions.

On Course Coaching Session

Learn and discuss techniques utilized by the best players in the world and apply them to your golf game. Transform your on-course game to allow for lower scores by identifying your challenge areas and addressing those areas while on the golf course. Do not allow your past experiences with your golf game to dictate the current state of your game or limit your future potential. With your "new approach," learn how to move beyond limiting beliefs into a world of possibility. Up to 9 holes.

*A Private Golf Lesson is recommended prior to the On-Course Coaching Session.

$375 / 3 Hrs + travel time - Golf Clubs available at no charge

Golf Lesson

Whether you have been golfing for years or have never held a golf club in your life, take this opportunity to experience a new approach to golf through balance, awareness, and self-coaching techniques. Connecting with targets, creating balance, and utilizing self-coaching techniques will allow you to move beyond thinking of how to swing the golf club toward playing the game more powerfully than ever before. By transforming your approach through all aspects of your game, you can begin playing from a simple, successful place. Regardless of your challenge areas or limitations, your new approach will allow you to begin playing your best golf. Consider learning a new self-coaching approach in all aspects of your game: full swing, putting, chipping, and game management.

$150 / 1 Hr plus drive time - golf clubs provided at no charge
$275 / 2 Hrs plus drive time - golf clubs provided at no charge