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With your birth date, place and time, Carolyn will create a personality profile for you that targets your specific talents and skills. She will speak with you about future possibilities in life, answer any questions you may have, and you will receive an email with a recording of your session and printout of your star chart.

$235 / 50 Min

Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science combines innovative healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes, touching every aspect of life. Tejpal will restore a sense of well-being and emotional balance to your mind, body and soul. You may also discover inner spiritual guidance that will deepen your personal connections and enhance your life.

$275 / 50 Min

Holographic Memory Resolution

This technique was developed by one of Miraval’s specialists, Brent Baum, as a way to access often painful or traumatic memories and resolve the emotions associated with them. These memories, often unknown to us, can cause emotional and physical blockages, literally holding us back from living a full life. Using this proven technique, it is possible to ease pain and symptoms caused by everything from disease to depression, in an emotionally safe environment.

This experience is offered as a one-on-one only, and will take place either with Brent Baum or Dr. Tim Frank. Brent M. Baum is a trauma specialist, international lecturer and author of “The Healing Dimensions: Resolving Trauma in the Body, Mind and Spirit." Dr. Frank is a Naturopathic Physician with 20 years of experience in practicing/teaching Master level deep tissue/structural massage and spiritual healing.

$275 / 80 Min

Native American Meditation and Healing

Join Tony Redhouse, a Navajo hoop dancer and professional musician, for this guided meditation. Tony uses ancient forms of Native American expression, including chants, flutes and drums, to invoke a deep sense of peace.

$210 / 50 Min

Seeds of Wisdom

Utilizing totem cards to reflect where you are presently in the cycle of life, Spiritual Guide & and Healer Pam Lancaster will help you embrace the art of being, which allows you to move into a place of graceful action.

$215 / 50 Min

Shuniya Sound Ceremony

Shuniya Sound Healing Ceremony designed by Master Practitioner Pamela Lancaster. This full body session touches and transforms your state of being emotionally, physically and spiritually. The ancient healing arts of Tibetan bowls, Kundulini yoga gong baths and tuning forks are masterfully combined with traditional Thai massage, Chi nei tsang and Shiatsu. Infused with sound and vibration, your body will become energetically balanced as the spirit is harmonically brought into a deep state of healing. This ceremony creates an anchor to the memory of well-being, initiating a deep inner stillness and reconnecting the mind, body and soul. This deeply centering experience will help you attain optimal health, clarity and serenity.

* Please wear loose comfortable clothing

$295 / 105 Min

Skillfully Aware

Join Dr. Mark Pirtle to learn simple but profound attentional skills that will change how you perceive yourself and the world. Realize that the healing, peace and joy that you want is already there inside and all around you.

$255 / 50 Min

Soul Guidance

Join Tejpal to connect or reconnect o your spiritual dimension, depending on your personal goals. Through dialogue, intuitive tools, breath, music and movements, you are invited to create shifts that will support any life changes you want to manifest. This session is suited to people of all faiths.

$275 / 50 Min

Soul Journey

Allow Tejpal to guide you on a journey to inner strength and knowledge. Through music, drums and channeling, you will gain insights that will support you as you learn to explore and express your hidden talents. This process will help you to reveal your true inner self.

$275 / 50 Min

Spirit Essence Ceremony

Allow Spiritual Guide and Healer Pam Lancaster to be your mirror as you identify the core issues in your life that are holding you back from being your true self. In our culture, we are disconnected from nature and often out of sync with our own essence. In this private session, you will select up to 5 flower essence varieties to create a flower essence mist that is uniquely yours. It will open the door to clarity and empower you to manifest the positive change in your life.

$265 / 80 Min

True Nature

Join Spiritual Guide and Healer Pam Lancaster and let the wisdom of your soul speak to you through a process of realigning with the elements of nature allowing the spirit a greater reflective perspective. Take time to pause and cultivate a connection to nature outside of your physical being, leaving you deeply aligned with gratitude for that which is inherently your true nature.

$265 / 80 Min

Tibetan Chakra Balancing

This session surrounds you with the healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan bowls and the cleansing power of the symphonic gongs. Master Practitioner Pamela Lancaster brings the ability to hold sacred space including a heightened level of consciousness and spiritual awareness of Self. Through this experience, you learn to live with a deeper wisdom and reconnect with your true nature.

$215 / 50 Min

Walk and Talk

Build an emotional, physical, and intellectual foundation for personal growth and Life in Balance. Think outside the box of traditional counseling and take an active psychological approach that engages mind and body simultaneously. This unique and innovative method will help you find the self-awareness needed to tackle issues and deal effectively with the stresses in your life.

* Wear comfortable walking shoes.

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$215 / 50 Min
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min 

 *Periodically offered.