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Holographic Memory Resolution

This technique was developed by one of Miraval’s specialists, Brent Baum, as a way to access often painful or traumatic memories and resolve the emotions associated with them. These memories, often unknown to us, can cause emotional and physical blockages, literally holding us back from living a full life. Using this proven technique, it is possible to ease pain and symptoms caused by everything from disease to depression, in an emotionally safe environment.

This experience is offered as a one-on-one only, and will take place either with Brent Baum or Dr. Tim Frank. Brent M. Baum is a trauma specialist, international lecturer and author of “The Healing Dimensions: Resolving Trauma in the Body, Mind and Spirit." Dr. Frank is a Naturopathic Physician with 20 years of experience in practicing/teaching Master level deep tissue/structural massage and spiritual healing.

$275 / 80 Min