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Integrative Wellness

The tools to create a Life in Balance are just around the corner.

Activating Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a powerful tool that will help you be more resilient and effectively manage stress and anxiety. Working with simple biofeedback technology you can learn to activate your emotional intelligence through the conscious shifting of your heart rate variability (HRV), transforming chaotic emotions and thought patterns into ones that are more balanced and harmonious. This leads to the optimal mind/body state called coherence which enhances performance in all areas of life.

$215 / 50 Min 
Duet: $165 per person / 50 Min 

Better Brain Consult

Don’t neglect your brain. Join Sheryl Brooks R.N. to learn what you can do each day to maintain a healthy brain, to prevent or slow down cognitive decline and to stay as mentally fit and vital as possible throughout life. You will have the opportunity to try some of the brain fitness activities during your session.

$150 / 50 Min 

Conscious Connections

A combined offering of Partner Yoga and Mindful Relationships to help partners become more consciously connected and aware of self and each other. First, cultivate new levels of connection, trust, insight and intimacy through the fun physical practice of Partner Yoga. Then continue the process of connecting on a deeper level by engaging in Mindful Relationships. Here we explore the basics of applying mindfulness in our relationships becoming more aware, improving communication, identifying and shifting patterns to develop a deeper appreciation for one’s partner and self.

Duet Only $175 / 80 Min.

Creativity: Strategies for Thinking Outside of the Box & Overcoming Barriers

Have you always wanted to be more creative but aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you’re not a bonafide artist but you want to engage the right side of your brain more often. Maybe you want to be more innovative and think outside of the box. Maybe you are naturally artistic but don't get around to doing anything about it or you struggle with blocks to your creativity. Maybe the “Inner Critic“ is keeping you from being able to be spontaneous or producing anything at all. Art Therapist and creativity expert Rebecca Wilkinson will help you design a personalized creativity plan with concrete strategies for working through blocks that get in the way of your creativity, sparking the creative parts of your brain, increasing your capacity to generate new ideas, and following through on ideas that are waiting to be realized.

$215 / 50 Min

Get a Better Night's Sleep

Research has revealed that sleep is one of the basic building blocks of good health. Although we live in a society where trading sleep time for getting more done in a day is often the norm, the truth is that our brains and bodies require adequate amounts of good quality sleep to stay healthy. Sleep deprivation has negative effects on aging, immune system function, metabolism, reaction time, memory and much more. Learn what is happening while we sleep and understand how to work with, not against your body to improve your ability to get a better night's sleep.

$150 / 50 Min. 
Duet Service $115 per person / 80 Min. 

Grief, Loss, and Letting Go

This consultation with a Wellness Counselor will give you the opportunity to explore your personal losses and experiences with grief in a confidential, caring environment. You will discover strategies for self-support as you move through grief and how to create a healthy, mindful relationship with loss and letting go.

$215/ 50 Min
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min 

Heartfull Living

Utilizing the HeartFull tool developed by Wellness Counselor Lisa Frank, you will be guided to manifest a more heart-based, fulfilling life. Gain new awareness of current barriers to self-love and life fulfillment and learn to focus on self-compassion. An action plan will be created to replace these barriers with healthy conditions, positive energies, and supportive actions.  

$215 / 50 Min 

Let's Talk About Sex at Midlife and Beyond (For Women Only)

A healthy and satisfying sex life is an important piece of your healthy lifestyle – and it's still possible even though you're not in your twenties anymore! Menopause symptoms, health issues and changing body image may have caused you to avoid or neglect this part of your life. Share a private and comfortable conversation with Sheryl Brooks, RN about your questions and concerns regarding changing sexuality and intimacy in midlife. You'll leave the conversation with tips and information to keep it going and maybe even make it better than ever!

$150 / 50 Min
Duet $115 per person / 80 Min 

Living in Balance Consult

Wellness is not just a physical state but is also a product of our emotions, behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual connections. In this consultation, a Wellness Counselor will assist you in cultivating practical ways to integrate the Miraval experience into real, positive changes in your daily life. If you are not clear how to go about integrating desired changes in your life, feel stuck in your personal growth, and/or want to create ways to actively support your own health and wellness, this consultation can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective tailored to you. Personal issues related to life transitions of all kinds, balancing life's demands, emotional resilience, enhancing relationships, communication skills, habit change, and difficult emotions such as grief or anxiety may be explored.

$215 / 50 Min
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min 

Menopause and Midlife

Are you experiencing physical or emotional challenges as you navigate menopause? Maybe you have more questions about midlife changes than you have time to address at your annual check up. Information in the media about hot flashes, decreased libido, insomnia, and hormones may have left you wondering which facts are relevant to you. This session, with Sheryl Brooks, R.N. is your opportunity to ask questions and learn what you can do to create a healthy and fulfilling midlife transition.

$150 / 50 Min 
Duet $165 per person / 80 Min 

Mind Body Wisdom Consult

Lisa Frank offers a holistic mind body spirit approach to help you identify, shift and begin the process of letting go of behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you. The "whole self" will be addressed by identifying links between physical sensations, emotions, and belief systems. Various somatic (mind-body) healing techniques will be utilized to help clear blocked energy, increase self- awareness, develop resources that cultivate a friendlier relationship towards ones "whole self". Mind Body Wisdom can contribute to a healthier, calmer, more satisfying life.

$215 / 50 Min. 

Mindful Parenting

Lisa Frank will help you navigate the challenging, yet transformative world of parenting. Learn ways to become more accepting, compassionate and present with your children and yourself. Topics and tools will include compassionate communication techniques, mindful discipline, self-awareness, and family cohesion strategies.

$215 / 50 Min.

Duet $165 per person / 50 Min.

Mindful Relationships

How we function in relationships is integral to our well-being and how we experience an enjoyable life. In this consultation with a Wellness Counselor you will explore the key skills in creating and supporting positive relationships by improving communication, deepening connections, shifting expectations, and developing more satisfaction.

$215 / 50 Min
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min 

Mirror of the Soul

Who are you right now? The answers to this question will help you enhance the current stage of your life journey and see yourself from a new, deeper perspective. You, actually your subconscious, will select shapes and colors that mirror the patterns, blocks, energies, and cycles at work in your inner self, reflecting the dynamics of your soul. The information revealed will assist you in discovering what will most support your personal wellness and spiritual growth. It can also guide you toward innovative problem solving, setting personal priorities, and enhancing your relationships. This fascinating “snapshot of the psyche” is both meaningful and fun.

$215 / 50 Min
Duet $175 per person / 80 Min 

Positivity: The Power to Maximize Well-Being

Tapping into the power of positivity is one of the most accessible ways we have to quickly improve our overall well-being. Join Rebecca Wilkinson, MA, to learn strategies that research tells us will maximize positive emotion and experience. This individual consultation with assist you with integrating these strategies into your daily life.

50 Min | $215

Duet: 50 Min | $165 per person

Reflection to Transformation

In this unique, hands-on session, Anne Parker will guide you to take a reflective and extraordinary look deep into yourself. You may choose to focus on a particular situation, challenge, transition, or relationship to draw out inner feelings and thoughts that may have been evading you, allowing you to engage in mindful transformation. You will connect with the wisdom of your unconscious and imagination, exploring the imagery created by the figurines you position in a sand tray to draw out new perspectives on your own reality. Bring an attitude of curiosity and playfulness!

$215 / 50 Min 
Duet $175 per person / 80 Min 

The Illuminated Path

Sometimes you are at a crossroads and wish that you could see more clearly which path to choose. Art Therapist Rebecca Wilkinson helps you utilize the power of the art process to ac¬cess your inner intuition, to draw from parts of the self not available to the conscious mind and help guide you toward a path that is most authentically aligned with your highest aspirations. Absolutely no artistic experience or skill is necessary.

$215 / 50 Min 
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min 

 *Periodically Offered

Your Healthy Aging Blueprint

Would you use a medicine that is proven to reduce 80% of chronic disease, will help you reach and maintain your full health and wellness potential, responds to your body’s challenges and changes as you age, and has no negative side effects? Lifestyle medicine is just that. Creating a short term plan for healthy change is easy but creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and fits who you are as an individual is much more challenging. Meet with Sheryl Brooks who will draw on her expertise as a health coach, menopause practitioner, occupational health specialist and member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Share your family and personal health history, your concerns, questions, and attitudes regarding health and aging and discuss therapeutic lifestyle choices (TLCs). Together with Sheryl, create a personalized blueprint that you can implement into your day-to-day life. The time is now to make lasting changes to be the best possible version of yourself today and for years to come.

50 Min | $150 
Duet: 80 Min | $115 per person