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With personalized attention to your needs and skill level, build a yoga practice or simply learn something new.

Aerial Yoga

Whether a beginner or advanced yogi join us to experience this exciting new offering. Through this practice, participants will be able to decompress tight joints, perform yoga inversions without neck or back compression, stretch further with less strain, and create better body awareness while increasing overall agility.

Note: If you have Glaucoma, are beyond your first trimester of pregnancy, or have had Botox injections within 24 hours, you should not participate in this class.

$150 / 50 Min 

Custom Yoga

During this private consultation, the holistic benefits of yoga will be tailored to meet your needs in the moment and/or help you establish an ongoing yoga routine. This session is helpful whether you want specific information to help you start yoga, are interested in therapeutic applications of yoga, or want feedback on your current practice. Any yoga experience on the daily schedule may be booked as a private session.

$230 / 100 Min
$115 / 50 Min

Desert Waves Yoga

Strengthen your core and increase your ability to balance as you play on the IndoBoard. No previous experience required.

$150 / 50 Min

Dream Silks

A restful and deeply opening practice that uses the aerial silks to support the body in both yin and restorative yoga postures.

$150 / 50 Min 

Partner Yoga

Whether spouses, relatives or dear friends, Partner Yoga will bring your relationship to a whole new level of trust, intimacy and awareness. Our professional Yoga Instructors will work with the specific needs of each couple to find the appropriate partner poses to begin a united effort of stretching, breathing and balancing techniques to help you experience a true connection, a yoga connection.

Duet $110 per person / 50 Min