shamana karma miraval spa treatment


Experience the ancient healing arts of Ayurvedic treatments to rejuvenate your body and spirit.


Inspired by the Ayurvedic healing rituals dating back thousands of years, the Shamana-Karma is created to purify and boost its recipient’s immunity and spirits. The traditional South Indian ‘Karma’ or treatment begins when you inhale the steamy scents of lemongrass, mint, nutmeg and clove in the treatment room, engaging your senses. A curative blend of coconut, ginger and rosemary oils are massaged into the skin using an authentic “Vashesh” or deep tissue technique. The steaming, hand wrapped poultices warm and energize the body while the deep pressure allows muscles to become supple and release both their tension and toxins. A warm aromatic wrap follows, finishing with a cleansing hibiscus plant powder scrub, restoring the vitality of your skin as well as your spirit.

$240 / 75 Min