Body Renewal Rituals

Fusion treatments combining scrubs, wraps, massage and more.

Body Transforming Treatment

This botanically based, customizable treatment begins with a gentle peel using glycolic and salicylic acids, which eliminate dull or dead cells and reveal the more youthful skin beneath. The next step is customizable with two options - to contour or firm the skin and supporting tissues, leaving it hydrated, nurished, and positively radiant.

50 Min | $150

Only available through July 14

Flourish Organic Body Scrub

This indulgent body scrub begins with an intoxicating botanical blend of sea salt from the coast of Isla Das Rocas - French lavender, Islandic moonflower, or Indian jasmine. The custom sea salts exfoliate to remove dry skin, stimulate circulation, detoxify, firm, and soften. After a refreshing shower, the skin is then gently massaged with organic and essential oils to reveal revitalized, renewed, and radiantly flourishing skin.

50 Min | $170

Hydrating Body Peel

This exfoliating service uses botanical glycolic and salicylic acids to rid impurities while smoothing and softening. Using a warm mitt, your therapist will apply exfoliating lotion to remove dull cells and reveal the youthful skin beneath. You are then treated to a full-body massage with an anti-aging balm rich in antioxidants, followed by an invigorating scalp and foot massage.

80 Min | $225

Only available through July 14


Designed to restore vigor and vitality, the five-step Hammam begins with a vigorous exfoliation with coffee, crushed sugar, almonds, and lemon essential oil scrub. You are then wrapped in a rich Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay to draw out impurities while a blend of quince and orange blossom is misted over the body. The curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber, and clove replenish the skin before a final application of tangerine fig body butter.

75 Min | $225 

Sonoran Body Polish

In a service exclusive to Miraval, natural and locally sourced products create a customizable exfoliation based on your skin’s needs. The salt scrub option contains mineral salts and desert herbs to exfoliate and moisturize, while Desert Sage Body Butter leaves you with a healthy glow. For sensitive skin, a sugar scrub option with subtle fragrances provides a gentle exfoliation, followed by a Prickly Pear Jojoba Body Butter massage.

50 Min | $160 

Sonoran Mud Wrap

Exfoliation begins with our Desert Rain Scrub, followed by an application of detoxifying mineral-rich clay and botanicals. The entire body is lightly wrapped, retaining heat to relax muscles. A blend of desert sage body butter leaves your skin nourished and revitalized.

75 Min | $215

Sweet or Savory Desert Succulents

Harness the power of succulents known for holding moisture in the harsh desert. Start with your choice of exfoliation: Sweet Prickly Pear or Savory Rosemary Mint. A generous mask of soothing pure aloe gel is then massaged into your refreshed skin, and finished with a gentle application of Sweet Prickly Pear or Savory Desert Sage Body Butters to lock in moisture and leave a sumptuous glow.

50 Min | $150 

Vibrant Morning

Indulge in an invigorating journey of the senses. An Italian Blood Orange salt scrub is smothered over your body to remove dull skin cells, revealing a glowing, luscious look. Wash away the salts in a refreshing shower and allow the therapist to apply a delicious Blood Orange moisturizer to hydrate and lock in your radiance. Enjoy the rest of your day feeling energized and exhilarated.

50 Min | $150

NEW Wanderlust Body Ritual

A grounding Red Flower wanderlust aromatherapy massage with notes of rare barks, white woods, wild grass, and warm earthy resins combined with the freshness of cedarwood and vetiver embrace the whole body. Exfoliate and hydrate with a sea salt scrub rich in skin-soothing essential oils and a wrap. Seal and protect with a nourishing botanical fruit and leaf butter.

75 Min | $215