Energy & Oriental

From Acupuncture to Thai Massage, these healing arts have been practiced for thousands of years around the globe.


In the Buddhist tradition the Nâga can take the form of a half human half serpent. Nâga is a Miraval Spa service evolving from the healing principals of Thai Massage. Your therapist uses strands of richly colored silk suspended from above as an extension of their body. The silks are used by your provider for entwining and gracefully suspending themselves as well as wrapping and supporting your body, taking you deeper into the stretches and releasing restrictions impairing full movement.

Nàga is experienced while wearing loose comfortable clothing and resting on a Thai mat or futon. This service has a flow and rhythm allowing tension to release any hold it has on your body. Strength and grace combine seamlessly enabling the fluid motion of the silk to help balance and harmonize your body. Your therapist is your guide as you are moved through space with the assistance and resistance of the silks anchored above. Using merely their feet, deeper muscle work is incorporated as your therapist is suspended above you, skillfully shifting both weight and pressure to work deeply into the muscle and release any remaining tensions. This unique service created at Miraval is one of a kind and offered only at the Spa at Miraval where you will find relaxation can also be extraordinary. *Meet in Yucca Cabana and wear loose comfortable clothing.

$295 / 100 Min 
$215 / 50 Min 

Thai Massage

Relax as your practitioner rhythmically stretches and flexes your body, opening and relieving weary muscles. Using pressure-point stimulation and targeted stretching, Thai massage renews the body’s energy flow while reducing tension and stress.Wear yoga or exercise attire.

Traditional $275 / 100 Min
Basic $225 / 80 Min 
Intro $170 / 50 Min 

Take Home Thai

Discover the lasting benefits and fundamentals of giving and receiving Thai massage. Enjoy private instruction on how to massage your loved one while focusing on their individual needs. Learning Thai massage techniques will help in teaching communication and trust. This service is ideal for couples or close friends interested in learning how communicate non-verbally and learn a centuries-old massage technique.

Benefits of Thai include increased range of motion, release of tension throughout the body and the uplifting effect of increased energy flow. The class incorporates assisted stretching and releasing tension in connective tissue while stimulating blood flow throughout the body. The sense of well-being one gets from both receiving and giving Thai massage is the best gift you can bring home with you. *Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Duet $165 pp/ 100 Min 


Whether you’ve got a headache, sore muscles or an aching back, our therapists will treat whatever ails you. Our acupuncturist gently inserts fine needles into the meridian points of your body, stimulating your natural healing abilities. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$160 / 50 Min 

Chi Nei Tsang

Tap into vital energy with Chi Nei Tsang. This abdominal massage combines gentle pressure with the power of your breath to release emotional and physical blockages while rejuvenating the metabolism. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$150 / 50 Min 

Integrative Chi Nei Tsang

This customized service gives you all the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang while creating a whole body connection. This treatment helps to nourish the core, deepen the breath, and create a pathway for grounding. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$195 / 80 Min 

Craniosacral Therapy

This service involves gentle touch therapy of the surrounding tissue and bones of the head, spine, sacrum/tail bone areas, which frees muscular and energetic blockages that restrict the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. CranioSacral is a subtle, deeply relaxing therapy that can help relieve migraines, tension and chronic neck and back pain. The effect of this treatment soothes and calms the nervous system, quiets the mind and can produce a deep meditative experience inspiring healing on many levels. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$195 / 80 Min 
$150 / 50 Min 

Oriental Foot Therapy

Designed to achieve balance throughout the body, this treatment targets pressure points throughout the feet, legs and hips to improve your body’s energy flow. We work to restore harmony to your system, bringing your body into balance. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$150 / 50 Min 


Alleviate tension, reduce pain and free emotional blocks with this Japanese stress reduction practice. By applying gentle pressure with the hands, your practitioner will work to enhance the universal energy that flows through the body. Reiki can help you connect with your higher self, leaving you with a sense of peace and well-being. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

Video: Learn more about Reiki

Video: What does Reiki session look like?

$195 / 80 Min
$150 / 50 Min 


This therapy focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of your feet to balance the meridians of the body and bring a greater sense of wholeness and body integrity. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$165 / 50 Min 

Jin Shou-Tui Na

Translated means Golden Hands-Tui Na and refers to a specialized approach to restoring harmony to the body naturally. Founded on the Yin Yang theory of the ‘balance’ found in all things, this service is a fusion of the vigorous and focused strokes of Tui Na massage and the subtle energy work of Cranio Sacral. The combination of these complimentary therapies helps restore this ‘balance’ to the body. Tui Na works by moving Qi or energy as well as stimulating your circulation. This allows for the release of both physical and energetic restrictions held in muscles and connective tissue. The energetic technique of Cranio Sacral Therapy then restores the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This has the potential to clear both newly acquired and chronic restrictions and release tensions held within.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

$175 / 50 Min 

QI Grounding

This remarkable service blends Acupuncture and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Qi regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body. It uses traditional Chinese medicine as well as energetic therapies to clear acupuncture meridians and physical restrictions which hold physical, emotional and energetic imbalances. Experience the calming effects of the free flowing life force that is Qi, leaving you feeling more grounded and centered. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$175 / 50 Min 

Qi Journey

Balance body, mind and spirit with a fusion of Nuad Bo Rarn (Ancient Thai Massage), Acupuncture and Cranio Sacral Therapy. Thai massage gently opens the body and joints allowing your muscles to release any tension. The release of tension within the body simultaneously stimulates the Chinese meridian system. Acupuncture needles are then carefully placed to address any energetic imbalances. Finally, Cranio Sacral is performed to release remaining restrictions. Emerge renewed from your Qi Journey in a more balanced body. Wear yoga or exercise attire.

$320 / 100 Min