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There's a reason Miraval's Life in Balance Spa continues to win awards for innovation. It's because the therapists in our spa are innovators.

Calming Hot Stone

A Clarins Miraval Creation
Hot stone massage is a guest favorite at Miraval. We’ve designed this new treatment to combine the grounding effects of hot stones with the power of botanicals. Heat from the smooth basalt stones comforts and calms the mind as it renders muscles more limber and open to manipulation by the therapist. Your skin more readily accepts the professional-grade, antioxidant-packed essential oils used in the massage, and your mind and body emerge in balance.

$205 / 60 Min • RC

Deep River Stone

A Clarins Miraval Creation
Experience all the tension-releasing benefits of hot stones combined with the addition of a satisfying, deep pressure massage. Healing heated basalt stones and cool marble stones are combined to release muscle tension and toxins, nourishing the skin with antioxidant-rich botanical oil blend. Allow the heat and pressure to draw away tension held deep within your muscles, resulting in an unparalled state of tension-free relaxation.

$215 / 60 Min • RC

Men's Muscle Repair

Fortify your body with this massage, designed especially for men. This therapeutic treatment targets sore tissue, promoting muscle recovery and minimizing fatigue. Your therapist will customize your treatment to target chronic tension areas or work your trouble areas.

$230 / 80 Min • RC

Miraval Grounding

A Clarins Miraval Creation
A restorative service that will calm the mind while treating three of the most used and neglected areas of the body - the scalp, hands and feet. With essential oils infused with chamomile, basil, and hazelnut to soothe and soften the skin, an added energizing emulsion will refresh, tone and invigorate. This makes a wonderful add-on to any of our other body treatments, or a short but effective focused treatment experienced on its own.

$70 / 20 Min • RC

Miraval Relaxation Massage

A Clarins Miraval Creation
A head-to-toe journey to tranquility tailored to your individual needs. Begin with a relaxing Swedish massage with an aromatherapy essential oil you choose to either calm, revitalize or stimulate your senses. Enjoy your full body massage as your therapist kneads away stress and improves circulation, creating an overall feeling of harmony and balance.

$245 / 100 Min • RC
$205 / 80 Min • RC
$150 / 50 Min • RC

Neck and Shoulder Relief

A Clarins Miraval Creation
A therapeutic neck and shoulder massage to ease tension in areas where it is most often held. Feel your shoulders release as your muscles are skillfully kneaded using a nourishing Shea butter balm with anti-aging tri-peptides and antioxidants including vitamin E. This makes a wonderful add-on to any of our other body treatments, or a short but effective focused treatment experienced on its own.

$70 / 20 Min • RC

Restorative Deep Tissue Massage

A Clarins Miraval Creation
Our new signature deep tissue massage takes deep treatments to a new level. To customize your experience, you have the choice of a botanical-rich essential oil, soothing arnica to treat tired muscles, or an unscented option for those sensitive to scent. Treat yourself to this deeply customized journey.

$230 / 80 Min • RC
$175 / 50 Min • RC

The Athlete's Massage

Return your body to peak condition. This massage, designed especially for athletes, combines intense, constant pressure with targeted stretching to relieve sore muscles and increase flexibility. We use Arnica oil, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, to increase muscle elasticity while encouraging muscle recovery and repair for improved athletic performance.

$230 / 80 Min • RC