Skin Care

The most innovative facials in the world and the aestheticians who created them.

Anti-Aging Facial

A Clarins Miraval Creation
Combat the signs of aging with this focused and effective treatment to smooth fine lines, address hyperpigmentation issues and restore skin to a youthful radiance. A double cleanse is followed by a double exfoliation using glycolic and salicylic acids to stimulate cell regeneration. Your therapist will then perform a drain-and-soothe lymphatic massage on your face, neck and décolleté, using a repairative facial serum mixed with a shaping lift massage formula designed to increase circulation while detoxifying the skin. An age-defying restorative mask is then applied, followed by an age-fighting tri-peptide mask. Your skin is then treated with the New Super Restorative Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer to give you a radiant glow.

$185 / 50 Min 

EmerginC Organic Facial

Refine your skin with this active, 100% natural, paraben-free and results-oriented facial. We incorporate some of the latest scientific breakthroughs in organics as well as potent, proven botanicals to refine the skin. The antioxidant–rich plant and marine extracts, spirulina and kombucha, bring balance to your skin while goji berry, white and green teas, and aloe hydrate your skin. Finally, vitamins and grape stem cells brighten and refine the skin. This facial will help to rapidly improve skin tone, texture and clarity as well as actively fight free-radical damage. This facial uses the best products on your skin that are defined in nature and refined by science to give you visible results.

$175 / 50 Min 

Miraval Exclusive Renew and Restore Facial Series

Renew and restore your skin’s natural luster and youthful vitality with our exclusive corrective facial series. The first facial in the series includes a micro-exfoliation, highly regarded as the ultimate protection against the aging process. Combating free radical damage and eradicating dull skin, this treatment resurfaces your skin texture. To complete the series you will experience a customized facial that targets your primary skin care concern. This treatment imparts a “boost” of medical - grade ingredients to enhance your results. Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sun block prior to any sun exposure after this treatment.

$285 total / Set of two 50 Min Facials 

*Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sunblock prior to any sun exposure after the treatment.

Alpha Beta Professional Face Peel

Reveal vibrant skin with this patented peel. This precise blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids improves the skin’s texture and firmness while promoting collagen growth. Restores radiance to the skin without downtime. Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sun block prior to any sun exposure after this treatment.

$85 / 20 Min 

*Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sunblock prior to sun exposure after the treatment.

Miraval Nurture Back Facial

Nourish your skin with this deep cleansing treatment designed specifically for your back. We use certified organic, detoxifying products to remove impurities and polish the skin. The back is exfoliated with bioactive white peat enzymes, sea minerals, and antioxidant berries. A marine mask is then applied with white peat, mushroom, and phyto-nutrients to regenerate and rehydrate your skin.

$150 / 50 Min 

Emerginc Facial

An intensive treatment that brightens and stimulates the skin. We combine vitamin C and fruit acids for a powerful, instant-results facial that makes your skin glow. Our 80-minute treatment includes a revitalizing eye mask and massage.

$165 / 50 Min
$220 / 80 Min 

Eye and Lip Refresher

This ultimate refresher combines our Eye Rescue with a Lip Rejuvenating treatment. Together, they complement the brightening benefits of our skin-renewing facials.

$75 / 20 Min 

Make-up Consultation

Learn how to enhance your natural beauty. Our aesthetician will analyze your coloring to suggest a color palette that flatters your skin and works for your lifestyle. Our natural mineral-based makeup is ideal for any skin type.

$130 / 50 Min 

Men's EmerginC Facial

This men’s facial is a vitamin C infused treatment which is beneficial for all skin types and delivers rapid, visible results. Great for shaving irritation, this treatment helps brighten, soothe, hydrate and clarify the skin. For best results, please refrain from shaving 5 hours prior to this service.

$165 / 50 Min 

Men's Restorative Facial

A Clarins Miraval Creation
A deep cleansing and exfoliating facial geared to the unique needs of men’s skin, using botanically based products developed specifically for men. A foaming, active face wash is used to cleanse the face prior to the application of a plant acid exfoliant. This penetrates the skin, helping to combat ingrown hairs, while also clearing pores, making way for optimal absorption of a professional-grade facial mask that sooths, calms and hydrates the skin. After it is removed, your therapist will complete the treatment with a light moisturizer. For best results, please refrain from shaving 5 hours prior to this treatment.

$150 / 50 Min 

Miraval Nurture Facial

Nurture your skin and senses to find youthful radiance in this rejuvenating facial. This certified organic, health boosting facial is designed to deliver a surge of deep hydration and nourish the skin with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The skin is gently exfoliated with a mixture of bioactive peat enzymes, berries and sea minerals which provides a powerful antioxidant boost and a radiant glow. This facial includes an intensive eye treatment designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. An acupressure massage helps to firm the skin and increase circulation. The marine- based masque with white peat, mushrooms and essential oils is applied to the skin to increase cellular turnover and reduce toxicity. The mask improves skin texture, appearance and repairs environmental damage. Finally, you will experience an enzyme-rich hand exfoliating treatment followed by a relaxing hand massage with an Arctic Berry Milk Cream. Your skin will be healthy, rejuvenated and radiant.

$235 / 80 Min 

Miraval Customized Facial

A Clarins Miraval Creation
Tailored to meet your specific needs this customized facial is great for all skin types. Whether you are looking for a beautiful treatment for hydration, sensitive skin or acne prone skin our team of skin care experts will customize this treatment to deliver the best results. With the wide arrangement of professional products we will select the perfect combination to sooth and restore your skins natural glow.

$150 / 50 Min 

Super Restorative Facial

A Clarins Miraval Creation
This replenishing Facial is powered by exclusive, organic Harungana Leaf—a sustainably-harvested botanical that independent clinical studies have proven to be more effective and less irritating than Retinol. After just one treatment, skin’s density and radiance are visibly restored and deep wrinkles are noticeably diminished. There are three additional components to this relaxing and highly effective treatment that make it so much more than just another facial. A Neck and Décolleté Treatment delivers intensive replenishment to skin weakened by hormonal changes that is closely linked to the aging process. A Dark Spot Correcting Hand and Transformative Eye Treatment provide nourishment and hydration to reactivate youthful looking skin. 

$240 / 80 min 


We offer gentle waxing services for face and body to accommodate the special needs of the most sensitive skin. Our waxes are warm, comfortable and skin-friendly, gently removing hair while discouraging new growth.

Arm Wax / $55 / 20 min 
Back Wax / $80 / 50 min 
Bikini Wax /$50 / 20 min 
Brow Wax / $25 / 10 min 
Chin Wax / $25 / 10 min 
Lip Wax / $25 / 10 min 
Full Leg Wax / $90 / 50 min 
Lower Leg Wax / $50 / 25 min 
Underarm Wax / $35 / 15 min