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Maggie Garbarini


maggie garbarini

Maggie Garbarini is a world-renowned psychic who dedicates her life to using her gift to help others.

Descended from Spanish gypsies, Maggie was born in England and grew up as a small child during World War II. She was raised by her aunt and uncle in a small English village. Many of Maggie’s early memories include bomb shelters, food rationing and watching her grandmother’s house destroyed - all incidents that have formed her character and which are part of the tapestry of her extraordinary life. Maggie had “vision” from a very early age and her grandmother, also a psychic, encouraged her to develop her gift. By age 12 she had begun giving readings. In addition to her psychic abilities, Maggie is an herbalist and a minister of the Universal Life Church authorized to perform weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Maggie says her greatest joy in life is using her gift to help others. She is consulted for her insight on many subjects including jury selection, business decisions, health matters, finances and affairs of the heart.

For the past ten years, Maggie has traveled to Miraval monthly from her home in Los Angeles to give readings and lectures on the metaphysical approach to life - a natural union for Miraval's guests many of whom are seeking to add a holistic, rejuvenating, and spiritual aspect to their lives.

A consultation with Maggie allows the individual’s consciousness to expand to meet his or her future and fulfill their destiny. It will bring the security of knowing what to expect and what to change in order to align oneself for the best possible outcome in his or her life.


December 2-6
December 28 - January 2, 2017

Nothing logical about it

Nothing Logical About It
by Maggie Garbarini

Maggie Garbarini is a renowned psychic with an international clientele, and she is much valued for a humorous, practical approach to life and to her gift. This book traces the highly irregular path Maggie followed to become a professional psychic: the Gypsy ancestors; the childhood in war-torn Britain; the early career as a singing prodigy and professional actress; and the leap of faith that took her across the ocean to America in search of a new career -- almost permanently thwarted by a catastrophic accident.