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Pam Lancaster

Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Healer

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Pam brings more than 18 years of experience in the fields of holistic healing, spiritual counseling, and integrative medicine to her practice. She brings forth a new found sense of self-awareness in each client, empowering others to heal disconnections, traumas or blocks that are impeding the highest expression of their soul and personal well-being. This healing approach guides you to reclaim the truth of your body and awaken its innate healing abilities.

 "The Himalyan Sound Bath exceeded my expectations! As an Aqua Zen Therapist I love water & I love to float in water. It’s already relaxing to be enveloped and supported by warm water, but then to have the beautiful sounds and vibrations resonate from the bowls, in addition, is really magical.

During the class my knees and neck were supported with stable floats so that I could just close my eyes and let go. A bowl was place on my torso and it feels surprisingly good when Pam comes around and plays it. When she played the bowls in the water my entire body felt sensations. It makes sense, since water is vibratory in nature and we are comprised of approximately 70% water. I left feeling clear, calm, open and energized. The Himalyan Sound Bath is truly unique and a must try experience!"

—Becca Brandes, Aqua Zen Massage Therapist

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Awakening The Divine Self™

Join Master Healers Pamela Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank for this 5 day unique immersion program designed to help individuals overcome the blockages that keep them from manifesting their highest expression.