walk and talk with coach leigh weinraub

Integrative Wellness

The tools to create a Life in Balance are just around the corner.

Living in Balance Consult

Wellness is not just a physical state but is also a product of our emotions, behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual connections. In this consultation, a Wellness Counselor will assist you in cultivating practical ways to integrate the Miraval experience into real, positive changes in your daily life. If you are not clear how to go about integrating desired changes in your life, feel stuck in your personal growth, and/or want to create ways to actively support your own health and wellness, this consultation can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective tailored to you. Personal issues related to life transitions of all kinds, balancing life's demands, emotional resilience, enhancing relationships, communication skills, habit change, and difficult emotions such as grief or anxiety may be explored.

$215 / 50 Min
Duet $165 per person / 50 Min