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Upcoming Events

Miraval has a variety of Special Events each month to keep your experiences unique and memorable with great Artists and retreats to deepen the meaning of your stay.

miraval equine experience wyatt webb

The Miraval Equine Experience™ Immersion with Wyatt Webb

May 18-22
July 6-10
August 24-28
November 2-6
December 14-18

Joy is our birthright. Yet our current stressful mode of existence takes this away from us. Working with Wyatt Webb in the Miraval’s Equine Experience™ Immersion, you will learn how to reclaim your birthright to gain greater self awareness and experience personal growth.


Miraval chefs cooking

Miraval Chef Series — Chef's Night In

August 15 - 16

Miraval is thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Chef’s Night In’, a limited-time offering led by the country’s foremost restaurant chefs and food personalities including Jody Adams (Boston: TRADE, Rialto), Brooke Williamson (Los Angeles: Hudson House, The Tripel), Rebecca Rather (Texas: Rather Sweet Bakery, The Pink Pig), Mindy Segal (Chicago: HotChocolate), John Cox (Sierra Mar), Jason Santos (Boston: Abby Lane, Blue Inc., Back Bay Harry's), Jenn Louis (Portland: Lincoln, Sunshine Tavern), and Maneet Chauhan (Chicago & New York: Vermilion, Indie Culinaire).Offered for just one weekend each month, the series focuses not on the chefs’ rich, decadent recipes, but instead gives Miraval guests a rare peek into the foods and ingredients that these celebrated chefs enjoy cooking for themselves and their families on their (rare) nights off. Through a series of cooking classes, informational lunch sessions, and signature dishes featured on the Miraval Restaurant menu, the chefs’ mindful approaches to cooking will come to life as they share the secrets of the food they enjoy eating to bring their bodies into balance.

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mike elsass artist at miraval

Artist In Residence

Mike Elsass - May & October

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sunset photography

National Geographic Photography Workshop

April 24-27
September 4-7
October 23-26
December 4-7

Hone your skills in the warm shade of Arizona's Santa Catalina Mountains during a unique photo retreat at the acclaimed Miraval Resort and Spa. On daily excursions, photograph stunning mountain vistas, and the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. During a private evening performance, capture the unique shapes of a Navajo hoop dancer or the sweeping motions of a Folklorico dancer. Then enjoy the fabulous spa facilities; invigorating outdoor activities; and fresh, healthy cuisine at Miraval Resort & Spa.

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deborah king

Exclusive Workshops with Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer and New York Times Best-Selling Author Deborah King

June 5-8: LifeForce Self Mastery
September 11-14: Turn Back the Clock
December 4-7: LifeForce Self Mastery:

Join master healer Deborah King for four intimate workshops throughout the year where you will learn how to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, and become a master of your own self-healing!

Deborah has transformed the lives of thousands with her amazing sessions and workshops. A gifted shaman and healer, she is also a spiritual teacher whose books, New York Times best-selling Be Your Own Shaman, Truth Heals and Entangled in Darkness: Seeking the Light, are essential handbooks for those seeking to transcend to higher levels of consciousness. In these workshops designed especially for guests of Miraval, you will delve even deeper into the realm of energy healing and experience the magic of your own natural healing capabilities.

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pam coronado

Spiritual Teaching with Pam Coronado

 April 27-May 1

As a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, and intuitive, Pam Coronado teaches others who are interested in this field how to control, strengthen and readily access their own intuition. Pam will share with you concepts that will transform your life while discussing your ability to maximize your spiritual potential. Sessions will focus on healing, transformation and understanding the ways in which your dreams can heal your future.

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university of arizona logo

The University of Arizona / Miraval Institute

April 27-29 - Living Beyond 100 
May 4-6 - Diagnostics Summit, Innovative Pathways to Better Health

The Miraval Institute programs will be of particular interest to medical doctors and other health and wellness professionals. These think-tanks will bring together some of the most innovative leaders in the health and wellness insdustries. 

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harriet carroll dance retreat

Dance Passion Workshop with Harriet Carroll

May 29 - June 1, 2014

Join Harriet Carroll for this two day program bursting with energy, motivation, and inspiration—all designed to get you on your feet and help you get your “dance” back!

You will learn new choreography to the latest Pop, Latin, Disco, Swing, Country, and Broadway tunes, improve your dance knowledge, connect with other dancers around the nation, and experience a feeling of pure "joy"! Dance Passion at Miraval provides the perfect setting to de-stress and focus on your goals.


christine hassler at miraval

Quarterlife Upgrade with Christine Hassler

July 17-20

A four day retreat designed for Millennials offering you insight and clarification about your life path, provide strategies for reaching your goals, and tips for overcoming common roadblocks.Come for intense rejuvenation and inspiration and leave with increased levels of confidence both professionally and personally. Imagine you... just UPgraded!


mindfulless mastermind

Mindfulness Mastermind with Dr. Cathy Greenberg

July 23-27

Spearheading this extraordinary premier program are top experts in the world of mindfulness Michael Tompkins and Miravai Bush with the world's top thinker in management and leadership Marshall Goldsmith with your mastermind host Dr. Cathy Greenberg. These experts have worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, elite U.S. Armed Forces and extraordinary entrepreneurs in mapping out systems for greater achievement through self-knowledge, emotional and social intelligence and moral courage.

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miraval journeys peru

Whole Journeys with Miraval

August 17-25 - Peru
October 7-11 - Italy

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Whole Foods to bring you Whole Journeys with Miraval. With two unforgettable destinations in 2014, this could be the year you experience mindful travel like you never have before. From the ancient ruins of Peru to the stunning Tuscan countryside of Italy, Whole Journeys with Miraval offers exquisite adventures that give participants the chance to explore the world, mindfully. Throughout each trip, travelers will incorporate the Miraval philosophy of mindfulness and life in balance, taking in each experience with fresh eyes, calm spirit, and a clear mind. Miraval specialist MaryGrace Naughton will travel with the group to offer signature Miraval mindfulness and stress mastery classes throughout the tour.

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dr robin smith at miraval

Dr. Robin Presents: The Fearless Experience

August 21-24 - Under New Management - You Can Begin Again

Join one of the world’s most renowned inspirational and empowerment Speaker, Storyteller, Author, Psychologist, Teacher, TV Personality, Dr. Robin L. Smith, as she guides you on a journey to self-discovery to begin a fearless approach to life. In this three day intensive workshop, Dr. Robin teaches and guides you through practical exercises to open you up to the inner core of your existence. Dr. Robin will help you reconnect with your truest identity and remind you of your divinely appointed value and virtue in living a soul-guided life.You will be provided with valuable tools to create a safe and sacred space for the inner healing that leads to outward manifestations of a life well lived.


julie cielo

Indian Summer-Rhythm Lifestyle Program Retreat with Julie Cielo

August 21 - 26

Join celebrity Health and Lifestyle Advisor Julie Cielo on this luxurious 5 night retreat that will feature morning Seasonal Yin Yang Flow yoga, seasonal nutrition sessions, evening talks, and optional private lifestyle consultations. This will be Julie’s 15th annual group retreat to Miraval and promises to be a unique experience that will stay with you long after you return home.

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master your power james van praagh

Master Your Power Within with James Van Praagh

September 21-24

Join one of the world’s most renowned healer's and spiritual teacher's, James Van Praagh, as he guides you on a journey to self-discovery and begin to live the life you were meant to. In this three day intensive workshop, James guides you through illuminating meditative and practical exercises to open you up to the spiritual core of your being. Through discussions and intuitive exercises, it provides a footprint in understanding the choices we make on a daily basis.Discover how you can cut the cords of helplessness and allow your self-esteem to emerge.

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