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Upcoming Events

Miraval has a variety of Special Events each month to keep your experiences unique and memorable with great Artists and retreats to deepen the meaning of your stay.

miraval equine experience wyatt webb

The Miraval Equine Experience™ Immersion with Wyatt Webb

November 2-6
December 14-18
February 8-12
March 8-12
May 17-21
June 28-July 1
August 23-27
September 20-24
October 25-29
December 13-17

Joy is our birthright. Yet our current stressful mode of existence takes this away from us. Working with Wyatt Webb in the Miraval’s Equine Experience™ Immersion, you will learn how to reclaim your birthright to gain greater self awareness and experience personal growth.


Visiting Specialist | Leigh Weinraub

November 12 - November 15

Coach Leigh, champion motivator & action based therapist, has developed a multi-dimensional therapy practice combining her background in coaching, counseling psychology and her passion for health. Leigh helps others execute in high-pressure situations and understands how to motivate individuals and groups. As a competitor, Leigh was a full scholarship athlete for the Big 10 championship Northwestern tennis team, which has given her a sound foundation of the principles of performance enhancement and stress management.


Soul Song Healing & Insights

November 13-16

Each of us has a soul song that is uniquely ours; and, during this private session, Dr. McLaughlin will channel and play your unique soul song on a harp. Your soul song is a melody that helps you clear, heal and realign your mind, body and spirit.


Kenji Kumara

Journey into Joy

An Intimate & Transformative Retreat with Kenji Kumara

November 13-16, 2014

Join Kenji Kumara in an exclusive 3 night, 4 day live activation and quantum wave retreat that promises to fill your soul with harmony, light and majestic memories.

Steeped in the bliss of expanded awareness the days at a Kenji retreat can help deepen your spiritual practice, enhance your journey to a new earth consciousness and immerse you in the divinity within, without all of the distractions of everyday life.

This will be Kenji’s first event at Miraval and limited space is available; as a special offer he invites you to soar, transform and journey into joy at this special magical experiential event.


sunset photography

National Geographic Photography Workshop

December 4-7

Hone your skills in the warm shade of Arizona's Santa Catalina Mountains during a unique photo retreat at the acclaimed Miraval Resort and Spa. On daily excursions, photograph stunning mountain vistas, and the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. During a private evening performance, capture the unique shapes of a Navajo hoop dancer or the sweeping motions of a Folklorico dancer. Then enjoy the fabulous spa facilities; invigorating outdoor activities; and fresh, healthy cuisine at Miraval Resort & Spa.

Event Details

awakening the divine self

Awakening The Divine Self™

January 2-6
April 23-27
August 13-17

AWAKENING THE DIVINE SELF™ is the shared calling of two Master Healers-Pamela Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank providing life-altering experiences for anyone on the path of self-exploration.Pamela and Dr. Tim bring years of experience in integrative medicine, spiritual counseling and indigenous healing arts. The goal of this unique immersion program is to help individuals overcome the blockages that keep them from manifesting their highest expression


harriet carroll dance retreat

Dance Passion Workshop with Harriet Carroll


February 26 - March 1, 2015

Join Harriet Carroll for this two day program bursting with energy, motivation, and inspiration—all designed to get you on your feet and help you get your “dance” back!

You will learn choreography to Pop, Latin, Disco, Swing, Country, and Broadway tunes, improve your dance knowledge, connect with other dancers around the nation, and experience a feeling of pure "joy"! Dance Passion at Miraval provides the perfect setting to de-stress and focus on your goals.


Women in Family Business 

March 5-8, 2015

For the past 18 years, women have come together for the Annual Women in Family Business Program to learn about how to engage constructively as members of a family business. Whether you are a family member, an owner, an employee or participate in all of these roles, this is an opportunity to explore the “perils and pleasures” of family businesses life with others who are in the same situation.


Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice™ with Donna Cardillo, RN

A transformative conference and retreat for nurses at every stage of their careers

March 19-22, 2015

Whether your passion for nursing is fired up or has fizzled out, Empowered Nurse, Enlightened Practice™ is for you! It has been created to empower, energize, and enlighten you for future success. This small group workshop will assist you to: Honor, value and celebrate your career path and each other; Heal and renew the healer within; Build confidence and personal power; Become a catalyst for positive change in nursing.

Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP, The Inspiration Nurse, is the Dear Donna columnist at Nurse.com and expert blogger at DoctorOz.com. She has been energizing, advocating for, and educating nurses for two decades. Join her and like-minded nurses for an experience that promises to be transformative both personally and professionally.