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Mike Elsass

  • October 16-27

Join our returning artist Mike Elsass in an interactive painting workshop as he shows you how to let go of control and your notions of "what is right" in order to paint what is natural for you at that precise moment. A Miraval favorite you don't want to miss!

Brush Before Brain: A No Fear Painting Experience

You will learn to use color, texture and “paint in the moment” as you paint several pieces and take home a piece of your original artwork. Mike brings his easy smile, laid-back attitude, sense of humor and his great painting know-how to Miraval for an outdoor workshop. Look for him and his paints in the courtyard outside of Palm Court. Stop by for a minute or an hour for an unforgettable painting experience.

Mike is well known for his vibrant abstract paintings on rusted steel. “It’s a rush ahead of the brain: ready, aim, fire. You paint first and get introspective later” Elsass said. “Everyone puts on a white tuxedo shirt, it’s letting yourself go with no fear and no mistakes, that’s the way I paint.”

A note from Mike:

"I paint abstract on rusted sheets of steel and my art is spiritual and meditative. By painting, sponging, and sanding, the steel evolves until the final coating. Many pieces have over 40 coats of paint and glazing. The steel represents strength, life's elements, aging, imperfection and beauty.

My spirit lies on the road. From my first series in Quebec, Canada to the Gulf Coast winter and the Louisiana swamps, I draw my energy from nature and life. The Arizona desert and the Kentucky countryside blend my art. My beautiful Ohio country barn loft and studios on Easy Ave. and my new Front St. location in Dayton give me time to reflect and paint in solitude.

Welcome to my world..."

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