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Dance Passion Workshop with Harriet Carroll


February 26 - March 1, 2015

harriet carroll

Join Harriet Carroll for this two day program bursting with energy, motivation, and inspiration—all designed to get you on your feet and help you get your “dance” back! Harriet holds a fine arts degree in Dance and Theater and over 35 years of teaching experience, she has also performed in musicals, choreographed pageants, television programs and routines for NFL cheerleaders. Her contagious energy and creativity will shine through as she breaks down choreographed routines that will get your heart pumping.

You will learn choreography to Pop, Latin, Disco, Swing, Country, and Broadway tunes, improve your dance knowledge, connect with other dancers around the nation, and experience a feeling of pure "joy"! Dance Passion at Miraval provides the perfect setting to de-stress and focus on your goals.

Beginners—Some dance experience, and able to follow patterns easily.

Intermediate/Advanced—At least 3 years of dance experience ( ie: past dance line, cheerleader, dance lessons as a child) Able to pick up choreography easily.

Dance sneakers or Athletic shoes required.

How to Reserve Your Space: 

  • Call 800.232.3969 to book your stay and reserve your space today. Be sure to mention that you are attending the Dance Passion Program. Tuition Fee of $100 per night, per person will be added to the total cost of your stay at Miraval for participation in this exclusive Dance Passion Program.

Program Overview:

Friday, February 27
Beginners: 10am-11:30am
Intermediate/Advanced: 12-1:30pm

Saturday, February 28
Afternoon Classes
Beginners: 10-11:30am
Intermediate/Advanced: 12-1:30pm
Group Dinner and Closing Celebration: 8pm
Greatest Hits Dance Party: 9:30pm-Midnight

"If you love to dance, you will love this workshop! I’ve been dancing with Harriet for 7 years, and not only has she made me into a “dancer” but she also inspires me on a daily basis – she is amazing! The combination of Miraval and Harriet’s dance class…priceless!"
— Kate Groves

"The best of both worlds—staying at Miraval and dancing with Harriet!"
— Eileen Yeung

"If you love to dance and want more joy in your life then run don’t walk to Miraval and participate in Harriet Carroll’s Dance Passion Workshop. You will be inspired to be the best YOU that you can be."
— Amy Wood