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Become a Master of Self-healing with Deborah King

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Join master healer Deborah King for four intimate workshops throughout the year where you will learn how to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, and become a master of your own self-healing!

Deborah has transformed the lives of thousands with her amazing sessions and workshops. A gifted shaman and healer, she is also a spiritual teacher whose books, New York Times best-selling Be Your Own Shaman, Truth Heals and Entangled in Darkness: Seeking the Light, are essential handbooks for those seeking to transcend to higher levels of consciousness. In these workshops designed especially for guests of Miraval, you will delve even deeper into the realm of energy healing and experience the magic of your own natural healing capabilities.

After a two-hour introduction on Thursday evening, you’ll spend 5 hours on Friday and Saturday as well as 2 hours on Sunday basking in Deborah’s powerful energy and potent healing gifts as she shares her secrets to processing emotional blocks and uncovering your own innate self-healing abilities. Best of all, Deborah is known for delivering highly successful activations and healings, both to those she works with directly and also extended to everyone in the audience. Experience your own spiritual awakening at the hands of this gifted healer, and activate a whole new you!

Turn the Clock Back at Miraval!
September 11-14, 2014

  • Join Deborah and experience the benefits of deep meditation
  • Eliminate your fatigue, emerging refreshed and renewed
  • Turn back the clock - better than Botox, get your virtual facelift
  • Work directly with Deborah King, the Master Healer
  • Celebrate the incredible 5-star cuisine
  • Enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones
  • Let Miraval pamper you with their attentive staff at your beck and call!
  • Arrive in Tucson and be picked up by Miraval at the airport OR book your travel through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Miraval will arrange your shuttle for $39 each way
  • Relax with plenty of free time to experience the amazing energy of Miraval's grounds, programs, and spa

This workshop satisfies a requirement for assisting in the LifeForce Energy Healing Program Levels 5 and 6.


Tuition for participation in each of these intimate and transformational workshops is $500 per person and will be added to the total cost of your stay at Miraval.

Enjoy luxury accommodations, five-star cuisine, a top-rated spa, and an environment full of tranquility while staying at Miraval Resort. When you call to book your rooms at Miraval, be sure to ask for the special Deborah King Workshop room block rates!

The following discounted rates are per person, per night, and include taxes and resort fees:

  • Standard & Deluxe $1374 per person Single $999 per person, double occupancy
  • Premium Package $1674 per person Single $1299 per person, double occupancy
  • Catalina & Suite Package $1974 per person Single $1599 per person, double occupancy

Learn more about Deborah King at www.deborahkingcenter.com

Call 800.232.3969 to book your stay and reserve your space for these exclusive events!