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Digital Device Downloads

Enjoy these digital device downloads to use as lock screens or backdrops for your desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

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A gift from us, to serve as a reminder to help you unplug and be present, during your Miraval stay, and in your everyday life. Click the links below to download your complimentary screensavers.

How to download


  1. Click download on the lock screen above to view the image and then right-click it to save the image.
  2. To change the desktop wallpaper images on a Windows 7 computer, go to Start, open the Control Panel, type “desktop background” in the search field, and click Change Desktop Background.
  3. Select the new wallpaper from the list of images that appear.


  1. Click download on the local screen above to view the image and then right-click it to save the image.
  2. From the Desktop, choose Apple→System Preferences. The System Preferences window appears. Or Control+click the Desktop itself and choose Change Desktop Background from the contextual menu. Then you can skip to Step 3.
  3. Click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon. The Desktop & Screen Saver Preferences pane appears.
  4. Click a folder in the column on the left and then click a picture in the area on the right.

Digital Mindfulness

Miraval Mode

Creating life in balance begins with being fully present and engaged at the moment. Our digital device-free resorts encourage guests to participate in the Miraval experience free of distraction.

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