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Digital Mindfulness Tools

Enjoy these digital device challenges and downloadable tools so you can be inspired to live mindfully every day.

Mindful Tools to

Unplug & Be Present

At Miraval, creating balance begins with mindfulness and extends to an awareness of our digital lives. Enjoy these digital mindfulness tools at home, in the office, or on the go to practice disengaging from your devices and supporting your mental wellbeing.

Digital Mindfulness Challenges

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    week 1

    Mental Wellbeing
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    week 2

    Sleep & Stress
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    Week 3

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    Week 4

    Social Media
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Digital Mindfulness

Miraval Mode

Creating life in balance begins with being fully present and engaged at the moment. Our digital device-free resorts encourage guests to participate in the Miraval experience free of distraction.

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