It's easy to plan mother's day activities, right? Breakfast in bed, spa pampering, maybe a movie or a nice dinner? But what about Dads? Father's Day is just around the corner and if you're asking yourself, "What should we do for Father's Day?" - here's some ideas inspired by the Miraval experience to help get you started.

1. Go Outdoors

We offer hiking and mountain biking every day on our schedule of activities. The men who visit Miraval are often surprised that a destination spa has so many "outdoorsy" activities. Whether it's hiking or throwing a baseball in the backyard, Dads love to be outside. Maybe pack a picnic lunch and go hiking to a secluded beautiful spot. Plan something fun and surprise him!

Hiking with cactusGroup of people mountain biking at Miraval

2. Get outside your comfort zone

At Miraval, our guests climb 35 foot poles, walk across a tightrope, and challenge themselves to achieve something they never thought possible. Although their adrenaline runs high, the experience often makes them more self aware and the sense of accomplishment brings them closer together with those who shared the experience.

Although most of us don't have access to a high ropes challenge course in our daily lives, we encourage you to look for something new to experience together. Many cities have indoor rock climbing gyms - this would be a great place to start! Why not try something new together that takes you out of your comfort zone?

3. Plan a vacation (or a staycation!)

Even though it's Father's Day and you are probably focused on planning some special time with the kids, Father's Day is a great time to surprise your husband with a getaway for two. Men want to feel just as valued and appreciated as women do on Mother's Day and sometimes quality time without the kids is just the ticket. Even a one night staycation at a local resort could be just the kind of thoughtful gift that the special man in your life would appreciate.

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1 response to “Activities Ideas for Dad's Day”

  1. Lora Says:
    Great ideas - I've been dying to convince my husband to visit Miraval w/ me for eons! Yes, time away from the children is nice, but for us, not too much time! Have you ever considered a special family spa package? These days i think children would benefit just as much as adults from certain "spa" services. They have yoga & meditation for children, my daughter gets manis & pedis w/ me, and with a daunting amount of childhood obesity & diseases linked to poor nutrition choices, it's never too early to learn good eating habits, the difference between healthful & unhealthful eating. Maybe you could have a "Mini Miraval" for kids or perhaps if family friendly would deter some guests, perhaps you could just have specific times when you offer a "Family" package w/ a mini kids spa...

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