For many of our guests who have experienced the Miraval Challenge Course over the years, they tell us that the real “challenge” is not the physical but rather the emotional and mental hoops they go through to overcome fears and “just go for it.” 

We’re excited to introduce this new program “25 Feet Closer to You” as it is a collaboration between the Outdoor Adventure team and the Wellness team – giving you the most supportive environment possible to face your fears and find your balance.

25 Feet Closer to You
Go "Out On a Limb with a Miraval wellness counselor in our new offering 25’ Closer to You. You will embark on a journey to conquer your physical challenges as you walk across a log 25 feet in the air over the desert landscape, but also dig deep within yourself to discover the emotions keeping you from overcoming your own obstacles.  Both a wellness counselor and an Outdoor Adventure Guide will be there to provide you with the guidance and emotional support to fight whatever is holding you back from accomplishing the physical challenge of walking across the elevated limb. Take the first step to bring you closer to knowing yourself.

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