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Hands-On Culinary Workshops & Cooking Demonstrations

With mindfulness at the core of everything we do at Miraval, our food and dining experience is created with the intention to help you live and feel better. Our chefs seek out the beautiful healthful ingredients in order to highlight where the food comes from and how it fits into the season. Our menus are ever-changing as we are committed to utilizing a gorgeous collection of locally sourced ingredients to assemble a diverse assortment of textures and flavors that please the palate and respect the waistline.

Cocktails in the Kitchen

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Miraval's main kitchen - plus enjoy a chef-created appetizer and cocktail - as you learn about our food philosophy and healthy cooking tips and tricks.

45 Min | $45

Cooking Demonstration

Learn to prepare many of the healthy, delicious dishes you will enjoy while dining at Miraval in our teaching kitchen.

Fresh Start Smoothie Workshop

Miraval's first-ever educational smoothie class teaches guests about the different types of juices and smoothies, which are healthiest, and what ingredients can provide the most nutrients and health benefits.

45 Min | $45

 *Periodically offered.

Honey: A Sensual Journey

Noel Patterson, Miraval’s resident beekeeper, believes that, like wine, tasting honey is a sensual experience, meaning that to fully taste the honey, you must use all five of the body’s senses. Also like wine, each honey has its own terroir that reflects the environment of the hive it comes from. Join Noel on this journey of the senses as you taste your way through a variety of local honeys and discuss the notes and flavors you experience along the way. 

60 Min | $45

In the Spirit of Grapes: A Biodynamic Wine Experience

Biodynamic wines capture a sense of the places they are grown in a uniquely expressive and vibrant way. Learn about the philosophy underlying biodynamic agriculture and its methods. If you try to live mindfully with respect to what you put in your body as well as the effects on our world, this wine tasting will be one you’ll remember.

60 Min | $100

Introduction to Oysters

Take your taste buds through a culinary journey with the many flavors of fresh oysters and champagne. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, learn to shuck like a pro, prepare creative accouterments and find your favorite variety in this class

50 Min | $125

Periodically offered

Just Cook for Me Chef!

While others dine in the restaurant during regular dinner service, delight in our most intimate dining experience in the Miraval kitchen tasting creations by our talented chefs. Savor samples from the daily menu as well as newly formulated exclusive dishes with fine flavors. This experience is designed for the adventurous foodie as we are not able to accommodate food allergies or special requests. Wine is served. This experience is designed for 3-4 guests.

2 Hrs | $150

Let's Get Saucy

Join our culinary experts and journey through the southwest and around the world by creating authentically local salsas and exotic sauces that will add a kick to any of your home dishes. Learn the art of flavor balancing with award winning, mindful recipes that are hand crafted by our chefs and then expertly paired with regional wine from our sommelier.

60 Min | $45

Ready, Set, Cook!

Get ready for a culinary challenge. You will be given a surprise basket of ingredients and with our chef by your side to guide you, you will create a starter or an entrée. At the end you will present your plate for judging and a winner will be selected. This experience is designed for 2-12 guests.

2 Hrs. | $200

Chef for a Day

Spend a day with Miraval’s executive Chef creating, cooking and learning insiders secrets to flavorful Spa cuisine. This is a working hands on offering for those looking to advance their culinary knowledge. 

6 Hrs. | $575

Note: Please come with closed toed shoes, chef coat and knives are provided. Advance reservation required.