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Hands-On Culinary Workshops & Cooking Demonstrations

With mindfulness at the core of everything we do at Miraval, our food and dining experience is created with the intention to help you live and feel better. Our chefs seek out the beautiful healthful ingredients in order to highlight where the food comes from and how it fits into the season. Our menus are ever-changing as we are committed to utilizing a gorgeous collection of locally sourced ingredients to assemble a diverse assortment of textures and flavors that please the palate and respect the waistline.

Cocktails in the Kitchen

Start your evening with a behind-the-scenes tour of the main kitchen at Miraval. During this 45 minute class, enjoy a Chef created appetizer and cocktail while you learn about our food philosophy and healthy cooking tips and tricks.  This experience is designed for 4 or more guests.

$40 / 45 Min

Cooking Demonstration

Learn to prepare many of the healthy, delicious dishes you will enjoy while dining at Miraval in our teaching kitchen.

Evening with the Chef

Discover fresh, innovative ways to approach healthful cooking that result in flavorful new culinary and sensory experiences. No longer just a meal, this 5-course dinner with wine pairings included is an epicurean journey.

$195 / 2 Hrs.

*Periodically offered.

Just Cook for Me Chef!

While others dine in the restaurant during regular dinner service, delight in our most intimate dining experience in the Miraval kitchen tasting creations by our talented chefs. Savor samples from the daily menu as well as newly formulated exclusive dishes with fine flavors. This experience is designed for the adventurous foodie as we are not able to accommodate food allergies. Wine is served. This experience is designed for 3-4 guests.

$100 / 2 Hrs.

Let's Get Saucy

In this hands-on, interactive cooking workshop, lean to make Miraval's famous flatbreads from our chefs. Prepare all the components of your pie from dicing ingredients to zesty sauce and then enjoy your individual pizza with a wine pairing. This experience is designed for 4 or more guests.

*This experience is periodically offered.

$125 / 1.5 Hrs.

*Periodically offered.

Oh So Sweet and Sparkling

Spend the afternoon learning the art of beautiful chocolate plated desserts while enjoying a glass of bubbly! Guests will get hands on experience with the making of chocolate desserts, chocolate molding, sauces and more.

*This experience will be available starting in May.

$150 / 2 Hrs (Minimum 3 people; Maximum 5 people)

*Periodically offered.

Pasta Creations

Make fresh pasta dough from scratch with our chefs! Create traditional spaghetti or fettuccine, gnocchi, and flavored doughs that will make you look like you learned it in Italy. Cook your homemade pasta and learn how to prepare perfect pasta dishes every time. This experience is designed for 4 or more guests.

$150 / 2 Hrs.

Ready, Set, Cook!

Executive Chef Justin will take you through a culinary challenge. You will be given a surprise basket of ingredients and with Justin by your side to guide you, you will create a starter or an entrée. At the end you will present your plate for judging and a winner will be selected!

$150 / 2 Hrs. (Minimum 3 people)

*Periodically offered.