spin bikes


A variety of classes to get your blood pumping.

Abs and Glutes

Tone your abs and glutes in this intense 45 minute class. Mostly mat work, this class may also include work with stability balls, loops, and slo-mo balls. This is the perfect class for a diligent and condensed workout between programs or before you run off to the spa.

absolute gravity

Bodyweight training is all the rage for 2015. Join us for a high energy cardio, strength and flexibility workout that you can do anywhere, anytime – indoors or outdoors with nothing more than your body, breath, & gravity!

 *Advanced Level

Aqua Box & Drills

Bring your land based Cardio Kickboxing class to the water. In this high energy Aquatic class you will punch, kick, and power your way towards a healthier stronger version of yourself!

aqua power barre

Strengthen and lengthen in this full body aqua class combining traditional aquatic cardio intervals and Pilates based resistance exercises.


Did you know that your balance system started to deteriorate in your mid-twenties? This is quite possibly one of the most important fitness classes at Miraval. Not a high-intensity workout, this class is focused on awareness of your balance system and the importance of stimulating it on a consistent basis to increase your reaction time and aid in fall prevention.

Cardio Dance Fusion

This high energy cardio class fuses styles such as Latin, Country Line Dance, Jazz, Zumba and the 80's.

Cardio Drumming

This heart-pounding fitness class will get you moving to a beat you never knew was inside you. This class uses the principles from movement therapy, music and sound therapy, fitness, and rhythmic education for a whole-mind, whole-body workout you won't soon forget.

Circuit Blast

A fun and energizing workout fusing strength, cardio, and core. This class is held in the weight room allowing you the opportunity to experience our cardio and strength equipment.

Dance Fusion

Join us in this fun trip down memory lane, dancing through the decadses. Class could include Country Line Dancing, Latin Dancing, or Step Aerobic Dancing!

DaVinci Body Boards

Join us for this challenging yet fun full body resistance band workout based on the ever popular HIIT format. The boards allow for a variety of movements engaging the large and, more importantly the smaller muscle groups often overlooked in traditional fitness classes. The opposing tension creates an unbeatable core focus . All fitness levels welcome.

 $45 / 45 Min 

Extreme Core Blast

The days of traditional strength training are numbered and Miraval is once again on the cutting-edge of wellness with the introduction of this all new fitness experience. Using your body weight and a small rolling platform, you will become reacquainted with muscles that have been lying dormant. You will build strength in this challenging total body workout.

$45 / 45 Min 

Fitness Walk

Enjoy a 2-mile morning walk in the desert.

Happy Hips

Ease back pain, improve your gait, and increase the circulation in your legs. Utilizing a slo-mo ball, Pilates, and a variety of hip stretches literally walk away from this class with “happy hips!”

HiiT the Water

Join us for a High Intensity Interval Training session in the shallow water. Experience a simple yet intense workout with the added resistance of exercising in the water and blast away the calories. This is a great way to cross-train or to just have some fun in the sun!

I-Chi Flow

Similar to our land Chi Gong class, except this time, you'll be in the water. Executed in a pool heated to 98 degrees, the slow and simple movements, added to the resistance from the water, with a focus on Breath, I Chi Flow is extremely meditative and deeply therapeutic.

Mindful Energy Movement

A gentle combination of movement patterns to fuse breath, energy, balance and strength. Bringing together Mind, Body and Spirit. This is a standing class ideally bare footed.

Morning Stretch

There is no better way to start a busy day at Miraval than with this energizing full-body stretch class. With relaxing music in the background, let our Fitness Professionals take you through a series of breathing and stretching exercises focused on all the major stress areas - namely the lower back, hamstrings, neck and shoulders.

On the Ball

This is an entire strength-conditioning workout using just your body weight, the stability ball, and gravity. You will consistently engage your core as the stability ball requires equal focus on balance and strength. Building and maintaining a strong core is essential to lessen chronic back pain and also helps increase lung capacity giving you greater endurance in cardio workouts as well.

*Periodically offered.

Power, Punch, Plie

Wearing weighted gloves, enjoy this unique combination of cardio kickboxing and stylized toning exercises based in Ballet techniques.

*Periodically offered.

Roll With It

Myo-Therapy balls and/or foam rollers give you a workout, deep tissue massage, and flexibility at the same time.


Cycle indoors in this high intensity cardio class.

We are often asked about whether or not our spin bikes will accommodate particular shoes/clips. Our pedals have a cage on one side for any standard athletic shoe and SPD clips, sometimes referred to as Shimano (SPD) clips, on the other.

Stretch & Relax

Relax and unwind during this 45 minute head-to-toe stretch series.

Tread and Shed

Enjoy a combination of light cardio and strength training during this exercise walk around Miraval's property.

Triple Threat: Advanced Level

Join us for a fun, advanced level class with lunging, squatting, and hopping using stability balls, Bosu balls, and medicine balls.

TRX Endurance Circuit: Advanced Level

Utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer - This class emphasizes Muscular Endurance and Aerobic Conditioning, 2 minute Explosive Cardiovascular Intervals between strength sets.


Build a strong, long and lean body and add grace and balance through fusion of yoga and Pilates.

*Periodically offered

Zen Boot Camp

Come experience the challenge of a high-energy circuit class while staying in tune with the body in this empowering workout. Our Fitness Professionals emphasize your particular skill level to give you the challenge you're looking for as you travel throughout our beautiful resort. Expect everything from jumping jacks to push-ups as this class incorporates a variety of high and low intensity exercises using the great outdoors as our gym.

*Advanced Level Class