outdoor yoga with mountain views


Find balance, strength, and self-awareness in our Agave Yoga Studio.

Aerial Yoga

Breathe, flow and fly in this exciting new yoga practice that helps improve overall health and physical agility, lengthens muscles and releases tension throughout your entire body. You will stretch, strengthen and realign using the support of silk hammocks suspended three feet from the ground.

Note: Participants should have a regular yoga practice of 2-3 times per week for at least the past 6 months or have participated in a private Aerial Yoga session while here at Miraval. If you have Glaucoma, are beyond your first trimester of pregnancy, or have had Botox injections within 24 hours you should not participate in this class.

$75 / 45 Min 

Chakra Vinyasa Yoga

A flow practice that brings awareness and balance to the energy centers of the body.

*Offered periodically

NEW! Core Aerial Yoga: Level 2

Fly, focus and stretch in the Level 2 aerial class that will focus on strengthening the core. MUST have taken an aerial class or private and have 6 months yoga experience.

 $75 / 45 Min

Core Yoga Level 2/3

Develop your core-strength in this powerful practice of balance and stamina.

Desert Waves Yoga

Strengthen your core and increase your ability to balance as you bring your yoga practice to a new level using the Indo Board in this fun and challenging class. All levels welcome.

$45 / 45 min 

Dream Yoga: Mixed Levels

Learn to consciously surrender to sleep and dreams through this restorative yoga practice for the mind, body, and soul.

Energy Yoga: Level 2

This challenging yoga class that incorporates vigorous and repetitive movements designed to cleanse the body.

Flying Dragon Yoga: Level 2/3

This class combines the deep stretching of a Yin practice for the hips and lower back with an energizing Yang flow. This Taoist practice is a light-hearted and challenging practice full of colorful visualization.

Happy Hour Yoga

We invite you to skip the typical cocktail or glass of wine and join us in the Agave Center instead! Come with an open mind and enjoy a gentle fusion class of vinyasa, yin, restorative or whatever style of yoga our instructor is feeling inspired to share today.

Restorative Yoga: Mixed Levels

Learn to rest deep in your yoga postures in this practice, known as "active relaxation" by author Judith Lassiter.

Rise and Shine Yoga: Mixed Levels

Start your day with an inspiring yoga practice to prepare your body/mind for awareness in all that you do.

NEW! Yin/Beginner Aerial Yoga

All are welcome to join us to this introductory aerial class. Movements will be slow deliberate with deep stretches.

 $75 / 45 Min

Yin Yoga: Mixed Levels

In this quiet practice, focus on stretching deeply into the fascia of the hips and lower back through meditation. While using breathing techniques, begin to soften and surrender into your postures for minutes at a time.

Yoga Essentials: Level 1

Learn essential Hatha yoga practices that enhance breathing, increase body/mind coordination and improve posture, balance and flexibility. This gentle class is good for beginners looking to learn the basics of the practice but could also be enjoyable for seasoned practitioners who want a slow and mindful yoga class. A gentle beginning class that introduces the essential Hatha Yoga practices to enhance breathing, balance and flexibility.

Yoga Flow: Mixed Levels

A vigorous yoga offering, this dynamic class links breath and movement, stillness and transition, repetition and progression, to offer a practice for yoga enthusiasts, or a fit beginner. Each individual is encouraged to make an honest self-assessment and rest when needed throughout the class; however, beginners are discouraged from taking this class. Classes where we offer more detailed instruction and move a little slower such as Rise and Shine Yoga or Yoga Essentials would be a better option.

A vigorous and fluid Vinyasa practice connecting breath and movement to build a detoxifying heat in the body and a steady focus in the mind.

Yoga Groove: Level 2

Experience a lively flow practice while listening to fun and funky tunes.

Yoga Stretch: Mixed Levels

Gently open the body to stretching postures. Calmly connect breath and movement.

NEW! Yoga Wheel

With the use of a versatile round yoga prop, this class is designed to help release tension in the chest, shoulders, and hips. The practice will supports a healthy spine, strong core, and encourage solid balance.

$45 / 45 Min

Limited Attendance