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Manicure & Pedicure

Luxuriate in our custom treatments that enhance your nail health and personal style.

Deborah Lippmann Signature Manicure

A Deborah Lippmann Miraval Creation
Our Miraval Manicure sets a new standard for healthy nail care. Following a nail analysis, let your senses escape to the tropics as your hands and arms are smoothed with a grapefruit and sea salt scrub, then massaged with a warm blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba, and coconut oil. A shea butter and avocado oil hand cream with broad spectrum SPF lock in moisture and leave you protected from harmful UV rays

50 Min | $75

Deborah Lippmann Signature Pedicure

A Deborah Lippmann Miraval Creation
Our signature Pedicure will treat the most overworked feet. After a nail analysis, enjoy a relaxing foot soak in a rosemary and aloe soaking elixir. A heated leg wrap infused with a blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba, and coconut oil follows. Our warm grapefruit and sea salt scrub is then applied to exfoliate and soften, while a kokum butter and aloe vera foot cream smooths and soothes.

50 Min | $90

Moroccan Coffee Blossom Pedicure

A Deborah Lippmann Miraval Creation
North African-inspired, this pedicure is an exotic treat. We begin by preparing an aromatic Lemon Coffee Blossom and Olive Stone Scrub and apply this mixture of coffee, lemon, and super crushed almonds to tired feet and legs. Afterwards, a thin mask of warm white jasmine clay hydrates, while a hot stone massage and tangerine and fig butter leave you fully relaxed

80 Min | $140

Argan Rich Manicure

A Deborah Lippmann Miraval Creation
This intensely hydrating treatment uses antioxidant argan oil derived from the fruit of a tree found only in Morocco. A hand and arm exfoliation is performed with Moroccanoil’s body buff gel. A hand and arm massage follows with argan oil and shea butter, and the experience is complete with a shimmering body oil.

50 Min | $75

Argan Rich Pedicure

A Deborah Lippmann Miraval Creation
Discover the nourishing effects of argan oil. Begin with a foot soak and a natural orange peel exfoliator, rich with a nourishing blend of argan, avocado, and grape seed oil. Your feet and legs are massaged with a body balm, then heated oil is drizzled over your legs and massaged into the skin before a hot towel wrap. Finish with a shimmering body oil.

50 Min | $90

Blood Orange Manicure

An invigorating manicure experience incorporating a naturally stimulating citrus scent brought to us by Red Flower. This Italian Blood Orange blend of oils and sea salt removes dry skin, stimulates circulation, firms and softens for a beautiful glow. Scented with botanical and essential oils of orange blossom, grapefruit, lime and orange rind, this refreshing and energizing treat includes exfoliation and a soothing massage. 

50 Min | $60

Blood Orange Pedicure

An energizing pedicure experience incorporating a naturally invigorating citrus scent brought to us from the coast of Isla Das Rocas by Red Flower. This indulgently pure blend removes dry skin, stimulates circulation, and firms and softens for a beautiful glow. Scented with botanical and essential oils of orange blossom, grapefruit, lime and orange rind, this refreshing and invigorating treat for the feet includes exfoliation and soothing massage. 

50 Min | $90

French Polish

French polish is available in addition to any nail service.

$15 / add-on 

Hot Stone and Honey Manicure

Combining the relaxing combination of hot stones with a new fresh look for your nails. The smoothing, softening, and refining of your skin takes place as an exfoliating lotion is combined with a smoothing cream to penetrate into the deepest layers of the arms and hands to reveal the most youthful looking skin. To protect your glow and promote new skin cell generation, a firming lemon thyme mask is applied and enhanced by a revitalizing serum to maintain your look. To ensure complete hydration, a renewing body cream is massaged into your skin, ending your time in our salon in a state of total rejuvenation.

$85 / 50 Min 

Hot Stone and Honey Pedicure

A luxurious journey that finishes with beautiful results. This journey combines the fabulousness of tension melting hot stones with an indulgent and complete pedicure experience. Beginning with an exfoliating mixture of bamboo and mineral powders, with the addition of glycolic and salicylic acids for an ultimate exfoliation. To firm and tighten your newly revealed skin, a lush lemon thyme and oat sugar mask is lavished on your legs. The decadence is only furthered by the application of a green clay mud mask using antioxidant rich Tonka bean and ginkobiloba. Allow the rich mud to nourish your skin, and indulge your hands and arms in a hazelnut and bitter orange oil massage. A honey gel is kneaded into your feet and calves as hot stones massage out tension and stress. Finally, a moisture rich body lotion seals in hydration and leaves you and your beautiful feet in a state of total bliss. This pedicure is paired with an Organic Mint Melange Tea.

$140 / 80 Min 

Men's Manicure

Let us ease the muscles in your overworked hands. Begin your decompression by letting us polish off the dull skin cells from your hands and arms with a refreshing citrus body polisher that uses the rinds of fruit to tone the skin. Your arms and hands are then wrapped in a contouring gel-mask to smooth and tighten. Tension in your forearms, hands, and fingers is then massaged out with a deeply toning body balm. End your journey feeling relaxed and unwound.

$55 / 50 Min 

Men's Pedicure

Reward yourself with the Men’s pedicure and experience complete relaxation. Smooth your rough heels and loosen your tight muscles during this indulgent experience. We exfoliate your skin with a salt-like scrub to renew your feet and legs. To lock in necessary moisture, we apply a hydrating mask to refine the skin’s appearance and remove any impurities. Warm towels are applied to your legs, as your calves and feet are kneaded and massaged with an invigorating body balm, releasing any remaining tension. Leave feeling smoother, softer, and totally relaxed. This Pedicure is paired with a Bombay Chai Tea.

$65 / 50 Min 

Become A Maharani For A Day

The art of applying henna on hands and feet is known as Mehndi and it is a very old custom and ancient Asian art form. Ladies adorn themselves with artistic Mehndi designs for occasions like marriage or parties. These realistic, non-toxic henna (temporary) tattoos are designed in the USA with healing energies.

Henna Hands 20 Min | $60
Henna Feet 20 Min | $60
Henna Hands & Feet 40 Min | $100