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Specialty Bodywork

The award-winning spa treatments you can only find in one place on Earth: Miraval.

Intuitive Massage

Inspired by Native American spirituality and Peruvian shamanic studies, the practitioner fuses bodywork with spiritual wisdom, sacred plants, artifacts, and natural objects. This holistic approach to healing begins with intention setting, allowing the therapist to intuitively massage the physical source of pain or discomfort, while addressing underlying emotional and mental barriers to healing.

50 Min | $175 • 80 Min | $280 • 100 Min | $320

Spirit Flight

This transformational healing ceremony with Dr. Tim Frank combines a full-body therapeutic massage with the healing practices of Spiritual Shamanism and drumming, plus acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and spinal alignment to renew your energy and balance.

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110 Min | $425

Note: This is a specialty service with limited availability.

Pachamama Medicine

La Pachamama, or Earth Mother, is the life-giving, benevolent deity revered by indigenous people of the Andes. Inspired by Incan shamanic traditions, this ceremony celebrates and utilizes Pachamama’s bountiful energy to strengthen the mind-heart-body connection. Your practitioner uses chumpi stones to balance energy with a healing technique for restoring and elevating feelings of physical vitality, emotional confidence, and mental clarity.

80 Min | $280 • 100 Min | $320

Aqua Zen

Stress and strain melt away in the nurturing arms of your Watsu®-trained therapist as your body is moved effortlessly through the warm waters of our specially designed pool. Water invites complete relaxation to the massage, allowing your body to be manipulated and stretched with greater freedom than traditional massage. Suitable for non-swimmers.

50 Min | $170

Note: Wear a swimsuit.

Samadi Healing Ceremony

A Miraval Exclusive 
A vision quest for the soul, this transformational Shamanic healing ceremony combines modalities from around the world to balance and empower one’s physical, psycho/emotional, and spiritual being. With drumming, reiki, and reflexology massage of extremities, Dr. Tim Frank artfully blends sacred Tibetan acupuncture points of enlightenment with Native American shamanic healing practices of his lineage. 

Article: Learn more about Dr. Tim's Specialty Services

50 Min | $275

Note: This is a specialty service with limited availability.

Mother's Blessings

Madre Emilia is a faith healer (a minister and also reiki practitioner). She says it does not matter what religion you practice, you can enjoy spiritual healing prayer work. Emilia starts with a laying on of hands for therapeutic purposes; healing prayer is shown to have a profound effect on our health spiritual healing and can provide permanent relief from the worries and difficulties that bother us. 

50 Min | $150 • 25 Min | $85• 10 Min | Complimentary