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Carolyn Crawford


carolyn crawford

Meet Carolyn

Since 1980 Carolyn has been a professional psychic astrologer. Her intuitive awareness has been developed through meditation and studies with some of this century’s greatest metaphysical teachers. Carolyn has served on the board of directors of the Michigan Astrological Research Society and Aquarian Revelation Center. She has given numerous presentations, taught astrology at community college and produced a weekly astrology cable TV show.

While living in Manhattan, Carolyn did many charts for Wall Street traders and brokers focusing on psychological issues and timing related to personal business cycles. She also wrote a weekly column for Bloomberg News in the form of a weekly business horoscope. She has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Business Week and with her husband Arch on The Wall Street Journal Report.

Carolyn is currently a member of Tucson Astrologers Guild International; Society for Astrological Research; National Council for Geocosmic Research and American Federation of Astrological Network. She is listed in Sydney Omarr’s The Astrology Hall of Fame.

With your birth date, place and time, Carolyn will create a personality profile for you that targets your specific talents and skills. She will speak with you about future possibilities in life, answer any questions you may have, and you will receive an email  with a recording of your service and a printout of your star chart.


Carolyn Crawford is available most Fridays and Saturdays to offer cosmic guidance.

"Astrology is a symbolic language. This language is made of starlight. These lights whisper secrets and reveal information about how we interpretthe world around us."
 — Carolyn Crawford

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