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Darden Smith: Collaborative Songwriting for Transformation

Collaborative Songwriting for Transformation
Dec 15 2022

Collaborative Songwriting is based on a simple idea – Using song to tell a story that needs to be told. By being fully present, asking the right questions and listening, singer-songwriter Darden Smith brings these stories to life. Through Collaborative Songwriting, people are able to articulate feelings and emotions, getting to the heart of the moment.

About the event

Each Collaborative Songwriting session is unique, with no set pattern, structure or melody. In this truly transformational experience, Darden writes a song with the participants that evokes the emotions of the group. Following the session, Darden makes a recording of the song and attendees receive a copy of their song (along with the lyrics) to share and remember their time at Miraval Austin.


Darden Smith

Darden Smith is an Austin-based singer-songwriter known for his lyrics and for weaving folk and Americana influences with rock, pop, and the musical roots of his home state. Over the course of his remarkable three-and-a-half decade career, Smith has released 15 critically lauded studio albums, landed singles on both the country and pop charts, penned a symphony, scored works for theater and dance, published a widely celebrated book on creativity, exhibited works of visual art, and co-founded the non-profit SongwritingWith:Soldiers program, which pairs veterans with musicians in order to tap into the transformational possibilities of collaborative songwriting. The Daily News hailed Smith as “one of the most respected American musicians working today,” while the Austin Chronicle dubbed him a “master song craftsman,” and AllMusic called him “a singer-songwriter blessed with an uncommon degree of intelligence, depth, and compassion.”

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