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person holding a pipe beside sound bowls


From beekeepers to tarot card readers to artists and chefs, our skilled specialists illuminate a path to a better you. They listen closely and guide you on a custom journey that breaks down barriers and invites your best self to shine.

Meet Our Specialists

Spirit & Soul Specialist

Susan Current

With deep sincerity, Susan shares her gifts for creating and holding sacred ceremony. Her background of spiritual studies include 15+ years of Amazonian shamanic practices and 20+ years as a movement and meditation facilitator.

Culinary Specialist

Scarlet Sanghavi

Scarlet is a culinary specialist with 20 years of experience, trained by French master chefs and the culinary institution, Le Cordon Bleu. She blends creativity, soul, and expertise with French traditions.

Sound, Energy & Crystal Specialist

Jen Vu

Jen is a lifelong musician who discovered the healing arts to support her recovery after a car accident. She has shared her balancing tools as a certified sound healer, Reiki master, crystal practitioner, and yoga and meditation teacher for 15+ years

Indigenous Educator

Chiara (Sunshine) Beaumont

Sunshine is from the Karankawa Kadla Hawk Clan and weaves connections between people, their roots, and Mother Earth. Since childhood, Sunshine has been inspired by Karankawa spirituality and ideology.

Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist

Lauren Embree

Lauren brings over a decade of experience, a love of fitness, and a passion for helping others become their best selves. Lauren is AFPA and NASM certified and designs personal nutrition meal plans and workout programs for all individuals.

Multimedia Artist

Jayne Wick

Jayne is a multimedia artist from Austin who loves sharing the joy of creating art through projects anyone can make. Art is a powerful tool for practicing mindfulness, and Jayne teaches how we can use it to slow down and be in the moment.

Spiritual Guide

James Gossett

James is an initiated spiritual guide and Ritual master within the ancient mystery school tradition. He has spent 20+ years studying spiritual healing modalities and the multidimensional nature of reality.

Sound Healer

Kim Humphery

Kim combines her certification in Atma Buti Himalayan sound healing with expertise in speech therapy, yoga (including certification in iRest Yoga Nidra), and meditation to create unique sound healing and meditation offerings.

Beverage Specialist

Ryan Ehrlichman

Ryan is a hospitality professional with over 20 years of experience developing custom cocktail creations and unique bar experiences. He has worked and managed nationally recognized bar programs and won several awards in cocktail competitions.

Intuitive Soul Guide & Oracle

Priscilla Victoria Tuft

Priscilla brings 15+ years of expertise in the fields of Reiki mastery, sacred body mapping, pranic healing, weight loss, relationship, and spiritual counseling.

Ed Reed wearing bee keeper outfit
Bee Specialist

Ed Reed

Ed, head beekeeper and apiculturist, is a farmer and practitioner of regenerative agriculture. His philosophy of natural beekeeping prioritizes sustainability, hive health, and intuitive communication.

Paula Basden petting horses
Certified Equine Specialist

Paula Basden, BS

Paula specializes in equine-assisted learning to help people become more connected to themselves and others. Her 20+ years of work are based on an innovative, ethical practice that builds on the human/horse connection.

Lori Mulady Burdick
Wellness Counselor

Lori Mulady Burdick, MA

Lori brings 30+ years of experience in the counseling profession, wellness, and spirituality. She integrates this wealth of knowledge and experience in helping our guests navigate their lives and realign perspectives.

Ben Baker
Executive Chef

Ben Baker

Chef Ben's creativity is rooted in a family tradition of cooking and sharing food. His career took from his California roots, where he learned to utilize edible flowers and herbs, to Maui, where he trained with Roy Yamaguchi’s top pastry chef.

Lynn Carrol-Rivera
Astrologer & Tarot Reader

Lynn Carroll-Rivera

Lynn is a spiritual guidance counselor specializing in astrology and tarot readings. She began her journey with the metaphysical arts over 40 years ago.

Steven Ross
Intuitive Medium & Psychic

Steven Ross

Steven brings wisdom and meaning to life as an intuitive medium, ordained minister, and gifted facilitator. Through a 20-year study of sacred traditions, energetic healing, and spiritual guidance, he meets you where you are in life.

person smiling beside two horses
Equine Specialist

Leslie Vanderpool, MS

Leslie helps guests connect to their insightful and creative truth and bring deeper satisfaction to their lives. With a horse’s gentle and often playful feedback, patterns emerge and offer clarity in personal and professional choices.

person petting horse
Equine Specialist

Leigh Wright, BS

Leigh is a Certified Equus Coach with 35+ years of experience as a registered nurse. Leigh combines equine-assisted learning with a mindful approach to guiding guests to inner knowing and self-awareness of life’s recurring patterns.