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Intended to Inspire

Events at Miraval Berkshires

Never stop growing. From seasonal festivities to exclusive workshops to lectures from visiting experts, our carefully curated wellness programming informs and inspires.

Holiday Wellness & Joy

Dec 2023

Celebrate Life in Balance this holiday season with our thoughtfully curated menu of wellbeing offerings. Allow these experiences to nurture your spirit to prepare for a holiday season brimming with delight and gratitude.

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Other Upcoming Events

New Year, Renew You

Miraval Berkshires offers inclusive packages and promises experiences that harness the winter season’s transformational energy to foster balance and discovery through m...

Jan - Mar 2024

Alchemy Month

Indulge the senses in a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation all month long. Our new and enchanting Alchemy Massage highlights the transcendent powers of aromatherapy. 

Jan 2024

Bond with Balance

Balance is better when created together. Miraval Berkshires is specially designed to help couples navigate this journey, arriving at a place where the spirit of “I” and the s...

Feb 10 - 14 2024

Women’s History Month

Celebrate the amazing women in your life and relax and recharge with a retreat to Miraval Berkshires.

Mar 2024

Spring Renewal

Discover the joy that Spring can bring. Flowering wildflowers blanket rolling hills. Maple trees bloom with green leaves. The sun shines brightly at Miraval Berkshires and in...

Mar - May 2024

Sleep Awareness Month

We celebrate Sleep Awareness Month with exclusive offerings and services to help you get your best rest.

Mar 2024

Celestial Summer Events

The celestial cycles provide moments of opportunity that can amplify whatever is going on in your body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect time to release energies that no l...

Jun - Aug 2024

Authentic Circle Appreciation Week 2024

To express our gratitude, each Miraval destination will host an AC Appreciation Week, dedicated to you and filled with exclusive activities, fireside Miraval specialist chats...

Aug 5 - 11 2024

Yoga Month

Make your yoga retreat about you and celebrate National Yoga Month at Miraval this September. Experience new and innovative classes and reconnect with your personal yoga prac...

Sep 2024

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