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From beekeepers to tarot card readers to artists and chefs, our skilled specialists illuminate a path to a better you. They listen closely and guide you on a custom journey that breaks down barriers and invites your best self to shine.

Meet Our Specialists

Equine Specialist & Certified Life Coach

Beth Timlege

Beth is a PATH-certified equine specialist and life coach, tapping into the horse's power to transform and enhance wellbeing.

Holographic Memory Resolution® Practitioner, Empowerment Coach

Stacey Friedman

Stacey, a trauma-informed practitioner with a certificate in somatic embodiment and regulation strategies, is passionate about supporting and educating her clients. She provides holistic services to help regulate the body, mind, and spirit.


Jess Diamondstone

Jess discovered her connection to Ommara in 2011 and has channeled for over 15 years.

Voice Therapist & Ceremonialist

Annie Southard

Annie is a singer-songwriter, voice therapist, and ceremonialist that creates a playful yet sacred environment.

Creative Expression Specialist

Veronica Martin

Veronica is a ceramic artist and writer, native to the Berkshires. Her delight and love for people are at the forefront of her artistic process.

Astrologer & Tarot Reader

Julia Rose Portela

Julia’s 12 years as a Reiki master, Integrated Energy therapist, astrologer, and tarot reader reflect her curious nature and growth-focused choices.

Meditation Specialist

Will Boyce

Will is a 20+ year mind-body teacher, certified Kripalu mindful outdoor guide, yoga, integral Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, level 2 unified mindfulness coach, and certified HeartMath mentor.

Creative Expression Specialist

Cassandra Kennedy

Cassie is a lifelong artist and ceramicist who helps guests explore creativity to align their lives with their truest selves through courage, patience, and determination.

Sound Meditation Practitioner

Rudra Bach

Rudra, a Harmonic Therapy Association member with a 17-year counseling practice, studied sonic theology and sound therapy, taught sound meditation for 20 years, and holds advanced voice dialogue, relationships, and psychology-of-selves certificates.

Master Stylist

Bridget Desrosiers

With 20 years in hair care, Bridget’s holistic approach has made her a beloved Berkshires figure and celebrated stylist to iconic celebrities.

Spiritual Counselor

Raya Alexander

Raya lived in a yoga ashram and used intuitive, analytical, and energy healing skills as a certified holistic health counselor at top holistic wellness centers.

Spiritual Guide & Ceremonialist

Dayla Robinson

Dayla, a Reiki Master, Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, massage therapist, and professional sound healer, studied Native peoples’ Shamanic traditions after a near-death experience.

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Jenae Halsted

With a master’s degree in nutrition, Jenae focuses on health and prevention. She has worked with doctors, personal trainers, and chefs to assist with weight goals and disease prevention through individual counseling and teaching.

Medium, Clairvoyant & Certified Grief Counselor

Alexia Silva

Alexia, a certified spirit medium, Reiki practitioner, and end-of-life doula, blends traditional counseling with spirit medium abilities to offer grief and loss support.

Spiritual Coach & Outdoor Guide

Mark Gerow

Mark’s 20+ years in the military, recovery rehabilitation, and outdoor guiding inspired him to create therapeutic tools for people suffering from pain, disconnection, and trauma.

Farm, Garden & Nature Connection Specialist

Sarah Duprey

Sarah, a nature and equine enthusiast, loves discovering native plant communities. She holds a wild mushroom food safety certificate and enjoys plant and fungi foraging while introducing guests to nature’s abundance.

Spiritual & Outdoor Guide

Greg Dilisio

Greg, a research scientist, oceanographer, and environmental educator, guides outdoors with scientifically informed observation and reflection for spiritual renewal. His acupuncture sessions treat pain, fatigue, and stress.

Cultural Connoisseur

Nick Grimaldi

Nick brings 30+ years of service, a connoisseur's knowledge, and a fun-loving approach to mindfulness. His art, textile, and interior design background adds to his signature flair for exploring taste, texture, cuisine, and culture.

Ayurvedic Specialist

Bart Staub

Bart, an Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle practitioner and certified Kripalu yoga teacher, studied philosophical and metaphysical systems in India for 15 years with Guru Satya Narayana Dasa and periodically returns to teach and study global health.