Whether coping with change or looking to make it, our broad activity offerings will help you to achieve balance and live better no matter what your intent.

Miraval Weekly Guide | Sample Edition

Peruse a sample edition of our weekly guide to see what activities are typically offered each week. Our complete menu of programs, private sessions and spa treatments provides inspiration for creating your unique wellness retreat. Our dedicated team of Experience Planners can curate an itinerary based on your intentions.


Art & Photography

An array of fun, engaging classes to unleash your creative spirit or hone your artistic skills.

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Savor the flavors of Miraval. Learn healthful recipes and tips in interactive workshops with our chefs. Spend an afternoon with a chef learning how to prepare Miraval recipes or explore hand crafted cocktails in the kitchen with a group of new friends.

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Awaken creativity, improve communication, tackle fear and trauma and more in our award-winning equine program.

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Exercise Physiology

Explore the science behind optimum fitness and health, and learn smart ways to make exercise work for you.

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Get assistance planning your stay. talk to an experience planner.

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Get fit and have fun with the wide array of classes held in our Body Mindfulness Fitness Center.

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Healthy Living

Learn useful Life in Balance tools from our team of lifestyle and wellness specialists.

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Integrative Wellness

Invest in yourself by learning how to make lasting lifestyle changes for a balanced and healthy life

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Mind the body, mend the mind. Explore our meditation program to start your own practice or gain new perspective.

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Miraval Bees

Discover the mystery and majesty of the honeybee with our onsite apiary and hands-on offerings and tastings.

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Mindfulness is at our culinary core. We please your palate while respecting your waistline and wellbeing.

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Outdoor Adventure & Challenge

Ride, hike, climb toward the mountains or zipline over the desert floor with our outdoor adventures.

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An alternative to high-impact workouts, Pilates trains you to strengthen your body from the inside out.

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Unify the physical and spiritual elements of your fitness practice through our yoga program's daily classes.

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Some classes/workshops may require an extra fee.
All fee-based experiences must be reserved in advance. For more information call or email us:

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Innovative and life-enhancing treatments set amongst the natural splendor of the Sonoran desert.

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Seasonal plates that will ignite your senses without the calories you would expect from such delicious food.

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