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Experience wellness with purpose

Set your intention

Your Miraval journey starts here.

Your Intention. Your Journey.

What’s your intention? This question is at the core of the Miraval philosophy and approach. We want your time with us to be inspiring, enriching, and transformative—whatever that means to you. Journeys with Intention are your starting point.


To explore any of these journeys in more depth, including sample itineraries, please choose between our Arizona, Austin, or Berkshires locations.



Journeys with Intention put you at the center of your wellness experience. We curate personalized experiences that align with what matters most—your connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. Though these intentions are a useful starting point, they are merely that: a place from which to begin. Your Miraval journey will be entirely your own—as one-of-a-kind as you are.

person relaxed in a robe writing in a journal


For the individual who wants to de-stress, feel grounded, explore and improve their overall wellbeing.

4 people in robes starring at the mountains


Desire to reconnect with friends & family, celebrate milestone events such as bachelorette retreats, anniversaries, reunions.

person relaxing in a pool


A desire to unwind, pause, and let go of the stresses of everyday life.

person relaxing on a chair outside


Nurture your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness with caring spa therapists who customize one-of-kind body treatments.


Nurture your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness with caring spa therapists who customize one-of-kind body treatments.

person torching vegetables


Discover how to cook healthy & flavorful food. Explore the intersection of how ingredients and whole foods combinations can benefit your mind & body.

person walking on wires above the ground


Seeking connection with the healing power of nature. Discover awe-inspiring landscapes and moments of adventure or serenity with expansive outdoor activities.

couple looking at each other while walking on a path


Improve connection & communication. Celebrate a mini-moon, a baby-moon, wedding anniversary. Reconnect with your original purpose as a couple.

two people in robes watching the sun set by the pool


Find solace in a supportive environment where you can explore and process grief, loss, or a life transition.

group of people around a person holding a honey comb tray


Work through mental & creative blocks, fill your cup so you can guide others to become their best, most innovative selves.


Dedicate time and energy to tuning into and elevating your physical wellbeing.

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