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Art & Photography

Unleash your creative spirit or hone your artistic skills.

Artist in Residence with Mike Elsass

Join our returning artist Mike Elsass in an interactive painting workshop as he shows you how to let go of control and your notions of "what is right" in order to paint what is natural for you at that precise moment. A Miraval favorite you don't want to miss!

Available Dates:

May 18-28, 2014

October 16-27, 2014

Art Walk

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy a stroll that showcases our ever-changing art collection. Dozens of nationally-recognized as well as up-and-coming artists have works displayed throughout the resort in all mediums and styles. This 45-minute offering guided by our staff is truly interactive, and geared for art-lovers of all experience levels. Hear the inside stories about the art, the artists, and the techniques used to create the pieces. A truly mindful activity.

Artful Photography With Your Camera Phone!

Learn how to create an image with any style camera...even a camera phone! Gain awareness of available/natural light and compositional elements to create a stronger more interesting visual image. Spend time strolling around the resort property capturing the unique Sonoran desert landscape and wildlife. Live in the moment and gain skills to take home with you. This will change the way you use your camera phone!

$35 / 1.5 Hrs. • RC

Catch Your Dreams

For centuries in Native American tradition, the dream catcher was a healing tool helping those afflicted with unpleasant dreams and alleviated anxiety in one’s heart and mind. Join Tony as he will guide you to create your own personal Dream Catcher, explaining the meaning of color and symbolism as you weave the web of your life. Allow your dream catcher to capture and dissolve the negativity that hinders you from being completely free and usher in the fulfillment of your highest dreams. Each class begins with a ceremony and Native American music.

$75 / 90 Min.

 *Periodically offered.

Evening Photography Walk

Learn basic digital camera operations and using your camera as a creative tool to capture the Resort environment in the late-afternoon light. Meet Nancy J. Schroeder, Miraval's photography specialist and learn more about private sessions with Nancy.

$35 / 2 Hrs. • RC

Explore the World with Beads

Tap into your creative spirit in this fun, bead workshop! Join Tucson’s premier beading expert, Shannon Haggerty, and learn to make your own African Bead Bracelet. With more than 30 years of experience in jewelry design, Shannon brings her down-to-earth spirit to her teaching and will help you explore your artistic side. Beads are made of horn, wood, glass and bone and come from all over the world! Bracelets are leather or wire – depending on materials chosen. All skill levels welcome.

 $130 / 1 Hr. 

 *Periodically offered

Photography In Focus

Get off of Auto! Explore the technique possibilities of your DSLR camera in a class on camera operation: ISO, WB, aperture and shutter speed. Please note that this is a technical skills class and takes place indoors.

$35 / 1.5 Hrs • RC

What is Beauty

Join noted photographer, Marion Kaufer, and learn about her non-traditional view of beauty through the gentle mirror of her camera lens.

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