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Healthy Living

Learn about life in balance tools from our team of wellness specialists.

All the Buzz

Noel Patterson, Miraval’s resident beekeeper, will take you through a hands-on bee experience and share his love of beekeeping with you. You’ll don a beekeeper suit, complete with gloves and gators, and join Noel at Miraval’s beehives for the truly unique opportunity to view these insects up close and personal and learn more about how they work and survive in today’s world.

$150 / 2 Hrs

Ancient Tools for Living in Balance

Within the empowering energy of the circle, guests will make a beautiful water drum to take home, learn about ancient Native American spirituality and practical
applications for use in everyday life. Among just some of the things guests will enjoy and benefit from are how to use the talking stick to enhance communication skills (great for families and the work place), the use of smudging to balance personal energy, and using your drum to participate in a drumming circle.

 *Periodically offered

Ask The Farmer

In his ten-gallon hat and overalls Richard Starkey makes you smile. And once he opens his mouth, there's no question he knows his stuff. Retired from 43 years on the railroad and 18 years as an appraiser, Richard hails from an Oklahoma farming family. All of Miraval's eggs and a bulk of its produce come from Richard, who picks everything at 5am and delivers the fresh products straight to the kitchen's back dock from his 21/2 acre farm up the road. In early March, Richard broke ground on Miraval's own kitchen garden, planting his latest venture and, as a result, connecting guests even further with their food. His efforts at Miraval take us all one step closer to our goal — Eat. Real. Food. Don't miss your chance to meet Richard and spend some time with this character. You're sure to laugh a lot and learn a lot.

Authentic Connections

Join a Miraval Specialist for some authentic connections. This is meant to be a playful, open dialogue that will be safely moderated in a way that openness and interaction is encouraged but not required. All guests are welcomed. 

 *Periodically offered.

Bees: What's the Story?

Join Noel Patterson, Miraval’s resident beekeeper, to discuss everything buzzworthy about bees! Why are they in the news so often? What is Colony Collapse Disorder, and what can we do about it? Learn about why bees matter and why it is important to remain optimistic and support those who are keeping their bees responsibly. Topics will vary each week, but the passion for discussion will always “bee” present.

Calm the Mind, Open the Heart: Discover the Ancient Ways of Healing

Join Pam Lancaster to play and be awakened to the ancient art of Sound and Vibrational Healing. Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, as well as mantras and voice will be utilized to enhance the inner calm of the mind, center the heart and reconnect the body to its innate wisdom of self-healing.

Ceremonies for the Soul

Join Spiritual Guide and Healer Pam Lancaster and tap into your soul wisdom and re-initiate the highest expression of your spirit, reawakening you to the life you came here to live, the wisdom you came here to embody, and the creativity and love you came here to share.

Chrysalis of Sound

Relax deeply during this ceremonial journey into the heart and discover the serenity of your soul. Feel the stress of your body melt away, your mind becomes still and your senses arrive at a deeper state of tranquility.

Pamela Lancaster and Dr. Tim Frank co-facilitate a group vision quest utilizing personal intentions, gentle sounds of nature and the relaxing tones of harmonious Tibetan singing bowls while each participant lays lightly cocooned on warmed mats infused with amethyst and tourmaline.

$195 / 45 Min

*Periodically offered.

Create and Rejuvenate with Clay

Gain insight into your inner creative resources using clay, relaxation, and the practice of “non-judgment.” This customized workshop will gently guide you from the “head” to the “heart” of your creative spirit, easing any fears you may have about your abilities, or doubts because of years of being away from “artistic” creative endeavors. Insightful, fun, relaxing, nourishing, this workshop will give you a boost to your spirit.

$55 / 1.5 Hrs.

Discover Your Soul Mission

Explore the four elements of the soul to ground your life in both purpose and connection. Tejpal guides and inspires you to manifest your soul calling to create abundance and experience what you truly desire in your life. During this lecture, Tejpal will guide the group through a short soul journey and will offer intuitive feedback to some individuals in the room.


Channel your “primitive spirit” using a variety of hand-held drums in this easy-going class.

Healing the Emotional Body

We will explode the myth that our brain is the emotional processing plant of the body and learn both ancient and new strategies for processing and releasing difficult emotions. You will be introduced to the surprising facts of muscle memory and gut intelligence and learn mindfulness approaches to experiencing our emotions.

Healthy Skin for Every Season

Just as trends change from season to season, so does the quality of our skin. Which is why it is important to adjust your skincare regimen depending on the time of year. In order to maintain a healthy glow throughout these next few months, come join our lead aesthetician, Kim Kelder, as she discusses helpful skincare tips and product recommendations to ensure a healthy glow year round.  

Himalayan Sound Bath: Group Healing Session

Join Master Healers Pam Lancaster and Tim Frank, NMD in this groundbreaking sound therapy session. Tune your body into its natural state and create balance emotionally, mentally, and physically as the sound from these ancient healing bowls radiates profoundly through the water. This experience will increase mental clarity, relieve stress, and decrease anxiety as you float effortlessly in the warm water of our therapeutic pool and surrender to the healing vibrations. You will feel more grounded and connected to the world around you.

"The Himalyan Sound Bath exceeded my expectations! As an Aqua Zen Therapist I love water & I love to float in water. It’s already relaxing to be enveloped and supported by warm water, but then to have the beautiful sounds and vibrations resonate from the bowls, in addition, is really magical.

During the class my knees and neck were supported with stable floats so that I could just close my eyes and let go. A bowl was place on my torso and it feels surprisingly good when Pam comes around and plays it. When she played the bowls in the water my entire body felt sensations. It makes sense, since water is vibratory in nature and we are comprised of approximately 70% water.

I left feeling clear, calm, open and energized. The Himalyan Sound Bath is truly unique and a must try experience!" - Becca Brandes, Aqua Zen Massage Therapist

$125 / 45 Min

*Swimsuit required.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Understanding Your Unique Mind-Body Constitutional Type

In this fun and informative class, we explore the Ayuervedic concept of Body Types. According to Ayurveda, human beings are composed of three fundamental, mind body principles known as doshas or governing principles. They are derived from the five elements: Space, air, fire, water and earth. The three doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha govern all the physiological and psychological of one’s consciousness, mind and body. According to Ayurveda, each individual inherits a particular proportion of the three doshas that determine one’s unique constitutional type. Learning about your unique constitutional type helps you to understand why you have certain tendencies and characteristics and allows you to make better health choices based on your body type

$75 / 105 Min.

Intuitive Living: Discover Three Principles That Will Change Your Life

Everyone is born with intuition. This incredible gift allows you to process information at the speed of light, with clarity and inner peace. When you open the door to your intuitive self on a daily basis, you create a life that is more authentic and respectful of your true identity. You simply create more meaning and joy in your life.

Join Tejpal for this eye-opening experience. A Professional Certified Coach and Brennan Healing Practitioner, Tejpal has over 20 years of experience coaching executives to express and act intentionally in a business context. In 1996, Tejpal experienced the benefits of Brennan Healing Science and has since then shifted her energy toward healing, spirituality and vibrant health. She has had a consistent healing practice since 2001. Today Tejpal gives weekly lectures and workshops in the field of spirituality as well as soul guidance sessions and is certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

Life is Simple, Who Complicates It?

Join Wyatt Webb, creator of the Miraval Equine Experience™, to examine how people create life circumstances that are hindrances to experience the joy of life. "Personal Accountability" is the key to consciousness.

$150 / 1 Hr. 45 Min.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

Join Miraval's Skin Care Specialist and learn how to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and glowing all year long.

Master Your Mind to Heal Your Body

An introduction to the concept of Holographic Memory Resolution which heals the body by releasing stored trauma.

Mastering Your Makeup

Reveal your natural beauty with makeup artist Bonnie Johnson. Bonnie will help guide your look with simple tricks and techniques that can work for "Day", "Evening", or both! Bonnie will talk brows, eyes, highlights, and don't forget those luscious lips. Your makeup should reflect who you are.

Savor The Moment

Join Coach Leigh Weinraub for a relaxed, mindful wine tasting experience. Indulge in six wonderful wines paired with exceptional cheese selections. Heighten your sensory experiences in a relaxed atmosphere and join your fellow Miraval guests for an evening of music, reflection, and creativity as you share the enjoyment of exploring subtle flavors, aromas, and textures. Mindfulness doesn’t always have to be serious; and this is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate it into something as simple as wine and cheese. Life is so much sweeter when you take the time to INDULGE, SAVOR, DISCOVER, and APPRECIATE the moment! This experience is not led by a sommelier, but is meant to be a fun tasting experience.

$150 / 1 Hr

Star Gazing

See the desert night sky in a whole new way. Look through large telescopes and giant binoculars at the constellations and celestial objects in the evening sky. Many bright celestial objects, including nebulae and galactic star clusters, are high overhead in the evening sky, in our home galaxy the Milky Way.

 *Periodically offered

Talking Circle

In traditional Native American communities, the members would assemble in a circle to discuss issues affecting the tribe. The Eagle feather was passed to each person, allowing them to share their thoughts and ideas while the others in the circle listened respectfully. At Miraval, this group is a way to practice balancing the skills of talking and listening. Each participant will have the opportunity to hold the Eagle feather and express their hopes and thoughts about their life in this non-judgmental and healing environment.

* Periodically Offered

The Path to Peace about Money

What is the meaning of money to you? Does it create anxiety about earning it, keeping it, investing it, giving it? How does it affect your relationships? Are you anxious about not having ‘enough’? What is ‘enough’? Join Molly Stranahan to explore the impact of our beliefs about money and uncover attitudes and actions that can create contentment and ease.

 *Periodically offered

Unleash the Power of Your Soul: Commit to Vibrant Living

We all strive for more joy and radiance in our lives. This lecture with Tejpal is an opportunity to explore and practice healing tools from ancient spiritual traditions. Become vibrant physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!